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Why people call me Pink Lady —Bhaira Mcwizu

Reality TV show winner, Bhaira Mcwizu, who came out tops in the Nigerian Breweries Plc organised Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) 3  had  her opportunity and made good use of it.

Her winning the show got her a starting role in Cindy’s Note directed by Izu Ojukwu, where she starred alongside notable stars like Nonso Diobi and Clem Ohameze.

Since then, Mcwizu has never looked back. The sexy actress who wouldn’t talk about her marriage or having a baby, bares her mind in this interview,  on the just ended nationwide strike embarked upon  by the organised labour and civil society groups to protest against the fuel subsidy removal. She also disclose why she is called the pink lady by her admirers.


By  OGBONNA AMADI, Entertainment Editor

What’s your take on the Fuel Subsidy removal?

Its a combination of the usual suspects..the good and the bad. I don’t think Nigeria lacks people with a good thinking head. It angles more towards accountability.

I said good in the sense that it seems someone is actually thinking and they thought of a practicable idea and thinking more importantly about the future of a great Nigeria that hasn’t plundered her resources. Hmm…but with eyes shut, someone will also think of how to plunder the benefits that such a righteous and laudable idea would have otherwise produced. It’s disjointed and its a familiar script.

Were you involved in Occupy Nigeria group and what role did you play?

I was. Who wouldn’t? Nigeria is a great country regardless of contrary opinions. I spent time listening to dynamic people speak and  what they said was enlightening. It brought hope and courage to our youthful hearts.

Most people didn’t even understand what the word ‘subsidization’ means. And perhaps the government shot itself in the feet by not explaining what they meant in simpler terms.  But one thing was certain, they were red-eyes tired of corruption.

At least,  the government made us think they wanted to stop corruption by removing the fuel Subsidy. But who knows, some of them may have hidden agendas. So, I have no other choice but to keep hope alive.


For the first time in the history of strike actions, the entertainment industry was actively involved. How do you react to the roles played by the several celebrities at the rallies?

It was important to realise that this wasn’t a red carpet event. Activism isn’t an easy thing and many ugly incidents can happen so that it can produce something good. And I’m happy because we all came prepared for the protest.

It was inspiring seeing great people like Femi Kuti, Ufuoma Ejenobor, the son of late Gani  Fawehinmi, Fela Durotoye, Steve Harris and Waje protesting on the streets with other. Nigerians. And I believe the souls of great Nigeria martyrs were present with us. It was awakening to hear their speeches.

Did you lose anything during the strike as in movie roles and delayed productions?

Everyone lost one thing or the other. The woman on the street who can’t go out to sell her goods or  buy food for her family obviously lost something, even an okada rider lost his life.  The kids who can’t go to school because of the strike, travellers who were stuck in their home towns because of the increase in transportation fare.  Everyone present or absent at the rally lost something valuable. So, with the strike action, everything came to a halt.

Take away politics, what’s been happening to you lately?

I’ve been at the right places at the right time, enjoying the dividends of my work. I now combine acting with other personal projects.

What are some of the things you are involved in currently?

Art is such a vast world and everything is linked to the other. So, I don’t have to leave acting, I just combine it with other things. But it’s not yet time to make public what I’m currently doing.

People say the movie industry is no longer as vibrant as it used to be, would you say the same?

The film industry reached some sort of plateau and it erupted. So, we should give ourselves adequate time to heal and remember the lessons we’ve learnt. But I think we should all unite to make things stronger.

How active have you been since you won the reality show?

Since I won the Amstel Box Office show 3, I’ve been quite active, thanks to God and the wonderful people who gave me a chance to nurture my dream. Aside the opportunities, my mind has opened to a new world where great things are possible everyday outside of acting. So that’s why I said that I now combine other things with acting.

By the way, how well off are you today in terms of movie roles and all that?

I am content but not satisfied because there are still new grounds to be explored. I want to ride in exotic cars like my predecessors. So, I love my job with the perks that come with it and I can’t complain.

Are you satisfied with the progress you have made in your career and has it measured up to your dreams and aspirations?

I’m always careful whenever I use the word ‘satisfied’ because it’s a deadlock. What I can say is that I’m amazed by God’s grace and thankful for the patience he gave me to make giant strides. I’m still young and have so much energy in me. So, my achievements today don’t really count because I always look forward to achieving more. So I’m still learning, dreaming and aspiring.

Are there challenges that have militated against your progress?

There would always be challenges as long as I am still alive.

Were there instances were some older colleagues were offered movies roles ahead of you?

I have never experienced such before. In fact, I believe you cant go wrong when you are doing the right especially when you are really doing the right thing. So, if you do the right thing, every other thing will surely fall in place.

Some people talk about sexual harassment and lesbianism in the movie industry, do you think they exist?

Anything is possible but what I believe is that you can’t force a grown man to do what he doesnt want to do in the first place. So, if someone allows herself to be harrassed because she wanst to get movie roles, it means she’ll definitely repeat it for any other job.

Do you also agree that there are cabals in the movie industry?

Anything is possible.If there are cabals in the movie industry then, I’m in the right place. It means the movie industry is very lucrative. I remember when I first met Nse-I watched her at the Abuja movie premier of Reloaded. I was blown away being in their midst because they gave us a film industry I respect so much.

You have acted alongside some of the best actors/actresses in the land, would you say you have been able to hold yours against some of them?

I can’t start to mention the names of great artistes I’ve acted with. I’ve acted in great movies like Cindy’s Notes to Commandment 7,a movie I just recently featured in by the way. I’ve been blessed by the goodness and patience of great actors and I say thank you to them.

Which of your movies would you say was the most challenging, why and how were you able to excel?

I think it’s the next movies I’m about to feature in. Although for every movie script I get, they tend to pose their own challenges but I’m always able to overcome them. But it’s a beautiful feeling once I get into the act, the fears just go away.

And is there a movie you acted in that you have any form of regret and why?

Life is truly the best teacher. And really, I’ve awoken to the fact that there’s no need to complain at every point in time. Those experiences were necessary for my growth as an actress. And perhaps, if I didn’t go through all those experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I enjoyed every set I worked in.

The classroom of reality shows are different worlds, could you share the experience of the first time you were pitched with some of the big names on a movie set and do you remember the movie?

My first experience was in the movie, Cindy’s Notes and Mr Clem Ohameze was truly kind to me on that set. His character was completely hilarious and we all had trouble keeping a straight face while working. I remember when I first met him, I felt cold shivers run through my spine when I thought of my character being pitched against his.  All I wanted to do was run to him and tell him how impressed I was watching his movies years ago. But he didn’t feel bad about it. He’s a true professional.

Every woman is gifted with a strong point or two, so what part of your body do think attracts the  opposite sex more?

I think it’s my legs and lips. That’s why I love to apply pink lipstick which explains why people nicked named me as Fuchsia Pink.


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