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Ezeife, ex-Anambra gov cautions Igbo against reprisal attacks

By Bashir AdefAka

Former Governor of old Anambra State and Chairman, Eastern Leaders’ Forum, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has told the people of Eastern Nigeria to shun the killing of innocent people that may result from reprisal attacks on Northerners living in Igbo land.

He said in a message to Saturday Vanguard, yesterday, that the traditions and major religions adhered to by Nigerians do not permit killing of innocent people and so , people should shun the act of killing themselves for baseless reasons.

His words: “Both our tradition and our religion forbid the killing of innocent people, who live on our land. The Christians’ God is a God of love identified with goodness. You cannot worship Him in truth and still pounce on your innocent Moslem or Northern “guests”.

Dr. Ezeife said at a time the nation still groans in the pains sustained as a result of the blood of innocent people shed during the Biafran war, going into another situation of bloody crisis in any part of the country would not augur well for general development of the country as a system and as a people.

He said, “We are yet to cleanse for the blood of unburied Biafran and Nigerian soldiers poured during the war. We added to that, the taboo of shedding blood of innocent Northerners killed when our sons were overtaken with rage at sight of many coffins of our people killed in Kano,” he said.

The former governor, who is chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), chiding whoever was calling for vengeance among Igbo people against Northerners living in Igbo Land, urged Igbo people who must have vacated their various bases in the North as a result of fear of attacks to return saying Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians, North, West or East.

“Anybody calling for vengeance on Igbo soil is not well brought up and not working in Igbo interest. Such threats and calls must be ignored. For now Nigeria belongs to all of us and so, those who are able to raise the new transport fare should return to their Northern and other bases,” he said.



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