By Godwin Ihesie

Lower back pain (lumbago) may be due to: Wrong posture – When walking, bending or sitting e.g. poor driving position, moving or lifting heavy object, etc.

-Unaccustomed over-exertion.

-Sleeping on a very soft mattress,

-Lack of regular exercise and under-exercise,

-Stress, wear and tear associated with ageing.

*Abnormal disc (intervertebral disc), misalignment of the hips or due to some structural defects.

*Occasionally, lower back pain may be due to some medical problems such as pelvic disorders, pregnancy, constipation, arthritis/rheumatism, bone problems, urinary, kidney and prostate problems, etc.

*Deficiency calcium.

Lumbago associated with non-medical causes responds so well to the following simple natural remedies:

*The fresh leaves of ringworm plant (Cassia alata) could be made into an infusion or decoction (boiling) and a glass of this taken orally once every other day for up to five days.

The fresh sap extracted from the leaves is usually very strong and could be diluted with water and be taken orally as above.

Also, dried leaves of Cassia alata could be ground into fine powder and mixed with small potash and a teaspoon taken with pap once every other day for about up to seven days.

*An oral intake of a glass of raw potato juice (the Irish specie) – diluted with water in the ratio of 1:1. This could be taken before breakfast.

*A glass of fresh lemon juice diluted with warm water in the ratio of 1:3 is taken orally first thing on waking up in the morning and last at the bedtime. The efficacy of this remedy is increased if the juice is taken with small table salt or with a pinch of impure potash and with 1-2 tablespoonful or pure honey.

*Taking up to 5 cloves of peeled raw garlic every morning and night brings quick relief.

*An oral intake of Aloe Vera gel prepared by blending a third part of a whole mature leaf of fresh Aloe Vera – once daily is an effective remedy for rheumatism, sciatica and lower back pain. A mild laxative effect could be noted – which will help decongest the pelvic and lumbar region at the same time.

*The following natural supplements are equally very helpful: Cod-liver oil, vitamin C up to 2000mg taken daily in divided dosages, calcium and magnesium.

*An infusion (tea) made from any or a combination of 2 to 4 of the following herbs is very helpful:

(i) Catnip Inepeta cataria.

(ii) Nettle (Urtica dioica).

(iii)Chickweed (Stellaria media).

(iv) Marigold flower (Calendulla officinale).

(v) Passion flower (Passiflora incanata).

Externally, the lumbar region could be massaged with an ointment prepared with cayenne (capsicum minimum) that has very strong rubefacient activities with few cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus), which have been proven to have mild anesthetic properties.



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