IBADAN—The Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Oyo State has said the alleged rot left by the former governor of the state, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala was unbecoming of a statesman which he claims to be.

This was the response of the party to the claim by the ex-governor that he now occupies the position of a statesman and would not be involved in a childish play of criticising the current administration of Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

According to the party’s Publicity Secretary, Mr. Dauda Kolawole, the former governor  was only lost in “mere fantasy and delusion of grandeur.”

The ACN asked the former governor to go and check the meaning of statesmanship and he would discover that what he allegedly unleashed on Oyo State in four years “was a very poor imitation of statesmanship, but could be best explained as villainy.”

The party said it could not remember at any point that Governor Ajimobi ever attacked the former governor in the public, “even though what he met as record of administration of the state during the PDP-led government should make the governor to wonder whether those who pillaged Oyo State this recklessly do not qualify for a sanatorium.”

The party said it was of the belief that the kind of tongue-cheeked diplomacy that Akala demanded from Ajimobi was a way of allowing what it called the evil of his regime to  go unchallenged, stating that if a leader is aware that public opprobrium would follow his misrule, he probably would be circumspect in inflicting evil rule on the people.

“It would take sagacity to rebuild a house of ruins left by Akala. He destroyed our pride and place as a people. He gave the whole world the impression that anyone from Oyo State was hollow-brained and has a predatory instinct,” the party said.

The ruling party urged Akala to “spend every tissue of energy in him to marshal evidence against being jailed by the EFCC, rather than seeking a statesmanship  that he can never qualify for.”

On the reconciliation process that is on-going in the PDP, ACN said the so-called reconciliation in the state PDP could not come to a meaningful end.

“The pseudo-reconciliation can never come to fruition. It is like an assemblage of viper, scorpion, mamba and rattlesnake. The people of Oyo State know the recent antecedent of these people. They will need the world’s greatest deodorant to remove the fart they left in the administration of our state. The people are waiting for them” the party said.


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