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Your mum confessed to have killed your dad; would you forgive her?

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By Florence Amagiya
Antonia and her brothers had just returned from the village after the burial of their late father. She thought it felt like only yesterday when the whole family including her father saw a programme on TV. There was some much love bond reflecting in all of them that she whispered a prayer of thanks.

She had wished that her parents watch her own children grow. But that won’t be possible anymore. Because daddy had kicked the bucket untimely.   Dad was the healthiest, most careful of men and he doesn’t eat outside his home.  So how could it be possible that he had been  poison through food?

She was thinking about all these when she heard a scratchy sound in the sitting room. Thinking it was one of her younger brothers trying to be naughty again, but the scratchy sound continued until she decided to go close. Her mum was on phone whispering! It was strange because her mum doesn’t whisper on phone. Her mum naturally barks  she thought, but she wasn’t at that moment.

She was baffled about it all and eavesdropped on her mum’s side of the conversation. Her mum had a hint of fear about her as though she didn’t want to wake up the dead. So she pressed further to hear more. And as  she was  listening, she heard her mum say she didn’t want the children to know she was the one who killed their father…

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Benson Okonkwo

Walkaway, but…
Benson Okonkwo, Actor

If l find out that my mum is the cause of my father’s death then, I  would confront her about it. This is not a matter for carry over. It is a matter that needs immediate attention. How did she kill my father? Why did she kill my father? Was it something she did or she did not do?

Was it a medical decision or there about?  She must tell me why she did it. Whether she had planned to kill my dad or it was an accident. I will always remember that she is my mum and that l have lost one parent to death and I wouldn’t want to lose another no matter what. But if l find out she killed my dad, l won’t forgive her and l would move out of her house. But l won’t ever report her to the Police because that might mean losing another parent.

Confrontation, but…
Ginikan Maureen, Actress

If l find myself in this kind of situation then confrontation is the best way of attack. She has to explain what l heard and what actually happened to my dad.  And after listening to her tales, l would decide whether she is lying or not. And if she is lying then, the law would handle it. She would dance to the music.

She cannot want to live after snuffing the life of another person, especially my own father. What mother would do this to her children? What wife would do this to her own husband? What crime did he commit?  I would not be able to live with a mother such as that if she is proven guilty.

If she is paying for her crime then I would forgive, but if she wins her case and l am convinced she killed my dad, then l would move out of the house and never returned again. Who knows who would be the next on her death list?

Chichi king

Forgiveness, but no association
Elsie Chichi King, Artiste/Actress
My own mum is on phone saying she killed my dad! I would be in shock at first, but of course l will recover. It definitely might feel like a nightmare. And questions like these would go through my mind.  What did she gain after his death? Why did she kill her own husband? What did he do to deserve death?

I will probably be in shock and not eat but confine myself to my room in thought.  Of course I would be scared of her, the woman l have always called my mum! How can this woman kill her own husband? I would wonder whether l am even safe in that house or whether l am her real child or whether  my brothers are also safe.

I am not a confrontational person, so I won’t be able to confront her; l might be forced to write her a long letter and ask what happened? Why did she kill my dad and perhaps ask to see her outside my home because l would have moved out of that house.

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