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Your bedroom determines the quality of your sleep

By Jude Njoku
In Africa where many people are superstitious, it is commonplace to find people attributing sleepless nights to some negative forces who are after their lives. Some less superstitious ones will attribute it to either the excessive the heat occasioned by climate change or the invasion of mosquitoes as a result of blocked drains and water outlets. But the truth that must be told is that some of these sleepless nights are directly related to the poor quality or state of the bedroom where people sleep.

Interior decoration experts believe that finding the right furniture for your bedroom will go a long way towards improving your quality of sleep, as well as creating a space that is comfortable, stylish and practical.

These experts posit that bedroom furnishing is more than throwing a few pieces together and hoping it works. “There are certain elements common to every bedroom. The key is not to cram in too much – keep the furniture to the minimum and add character and warmth with bedding, upholstery and drapes. Most of all, keep it neat. There’s no way you can relax in a cluttered room,” according to Andrea Dean

Apart from the bed, you will also need storage for clothes in the form of a wardrobe and possibly a chest of drawers. Tables (dressing table and chair) are also must for a decent and attractive bedroom.

The type of bed to be used should  be given prime consideration because it is not every bed that will provide the needed comfort to arouse sleep. The larger the bed, the more comfortable you  will be, so if space allows, you should go for a king size or even a super king-sized bed.

If, however, your bedroom is small and very tight, you should consider using as little furniture as possible. You will need to sit down and draw out your furniture plan before moving them in because the way you arrange the furniture directly affects your perception of how much space you have in the room. Beds are divided into two types – divans and bedsteads.

A divan consists simply of an upholstery  base and a mattress. The base is usually available with the option of storage drawers, which are roomy enough for spare duvets and pillows. A bedstead is a metal or wooden frame, with a mattress on top, purchased as a package, or separately.

Wooden bedstead are more popular among Nigerians; for longevity, you should go for the best woo
d quality. You should realise that a bowed or sprung slatted base will give better support than solid slats.

Some bedsteads incorporate storage, but in most cases you’ll need to buy extra drawers. You should ensure that there is enough space under the bed.

Again, the type of mattress used will make or mar the beauty and comfort of your bedroom.

Whether you choose a divan or bedstead, it’s important to get the right mattress, to ensure a good night’s sleep. There are variety of mattresses in the Nigerian market today and the onus is on you to make the right choice.


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