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What I know about Onokpite, 2 AK 47 rifles – Okorokporo

Malick Okorokporo who was arrested by a police patrol team at Udu/Orhuwhorun road with two AK 47 rifles , number 20613 and 13702 with over 60 rounds of live ammunition, which he was conveying to one Collins Egbara , Chairman of Agaga community, now on the run, allegedly at the instance of Ogbe Onokpite, spoke to Saturday Vanguard on his role.

What is your name?

Malick Okorokporo sir

How old are you?

I was born 1979

What do you do for a living?

I am a community boy

At where?

At Uvwie

Where in Uvwie?

Agaga Erugba community

Where do you live?

I live by Alegbo, by Abasimor, that is the street I live, Oshobor Street

You told me you are a community boy, are a driver also?

Actually, I am a mechanic, I learnt mechanic, you understand, Benz mechanic, so through there when I was learning, I learnt how to drive sir.

Do you know why the police arrested you?

The police arrested me… as eh, I dey house, make I broke am, Collins now called me because that very day my mother get accident…

Who is Collins?

Collins Egbara, he is the chairman of the community. He had earlier come to salute me when my mother had accident and it was then he told me that Mr. Ogbe Onokpite said I should come to see him. I asked him what the matter is, he said he does not know but make I reach there first. And we, we dey guard our community, from Enerhen junction side because if your community quiet, people will be respecting you in the community.

So to make peace reign in the community, the executive was formed, both the traders and the community and the Police Public Relations Committee, PCRC.

At Beeland Hotel

When I got to the hotel when I go meet Mr. Ogbe, he now send me to go and buy food, you no understand, I now carry the sack when they say make I take the flask when he say make I buy food for him, you no understand, I no just know wetin happen, I now carry motor, I went to buy food for him. When I came back, I relaxed and later, Mr. Ogbe now called me and asked me, can I drive, you no understand. He said okay, I should drive and carry the motor to meet Collins.

How I was attacked

Malick Okorokporo

As I came out of the hotel, I was attacked

Attacked by whom?

By police, I was surprised, I now opened the door and asked them what is the matter, this one I am talking, na hitting, they were hitting me with gun, begin to brush me, they said where is the owner of the motor, I said he is at Beeland hotel, they said I should reverse to Beeland hotel.

Did they find anything in the vehicle before they apprehended you?

No, they did not even check anything and when we got to Beeland hotel, there were many policemen there.

Was that day the first time police were seeing you on the road, do they arrest you when they see you in the past?

I dey see the police now

Did they arrest you when they saw you pass before?


So why did they arrest you on that day?

That is what I am telling you. When I drove out of the gate, it is like they were trailing me from the back without me knowing; I now branched and just parked. The next thing I heard was gbi, gbi, gbi, that is attack, they did not check. After they have beaten and wounded me, they said who the owner of the car is, I did not fear, I told them na Mr. Ogbe Onokpite.

They said I should enter another motor and they entered that very car drive to the hotel. When I reach there, there is enough police inside the hotel. Some were up and Ogbe was on ordinary ground and they put me inside the motor, pressed my head- that was the noise I was hearing, something like gunshot.

Desperate phone call

But I remembered that there was a phone in my pocket, which was when I made a phone call to my pastor, that he should call my people, that the police were holding me for here. He asked where I was, I said I was in Beeland hotel, you no understand? Before the police observed what I was doing, I put it back in my pocket. I did not know what happened between them and Ogbe, what I heard was gunshot.

I did not know where he was shot and they did not put both of us for one motor, you no understand.

Later, all the policemen were shouting victoriously and they now carry me, as in, they now put us inside motor, one police, young boy, he now came and told me that I don die today, he started to punch me and press my head down, they followed Delta Steel Company, DSC, expressway. As we were going on DSC expressway, they branch one place…

What message did Onokpite send you, the police claim he sent you to deliver two AK 27 rifles to one Collins Egbara and it was on your way on this errand that they saw you, you were interrogated and you said it was Onokpite that sent you, is this true?

When I got to the hotel, he told me make I go meet Collins and drop this thing, go give Collins, you no understand

Drop what?

The gun for Collins

Did you not know it was guns you were asked to deliver to Collins?

Me, I did not even see the gun, I don’t know the kind of gun, he did not tell me say see the kind gun, you no understand, he just tell me say make I go deliver the gun to Collins. I did not even know that there is gun inside the motor, you no understand, he told me the word, but I don’t even know whether… he did not show me the gun.

You are not coming out with the whole story, tell us the whole story?

Mr. Ogbe Onokpite when I go meet am… let me just go straight to the matter, when I reach there, based on say I don tire, I come wait, he said I should go and drop the gun for Collins, you nor understand, he said it is inside the motor, that I should just drive the motor. When the police stopped me after the hotel, I did not follow them do… you nor understand, I just open up, they did not check the motor …

How did they know there is gun inside if they did not check?

If I am telling you now, you will not believe, I don’t know the time they saw the gun, you nor understand, I was inside the motor but it was the shout they shouted that attracted me

How long have you known Onokpite?

Ogbe, na this year na him I know Ogbe, you nor understand

How did you come to know him?

Okay, the way I take know Ogbe, we be community, it was through a member of the House of Assembly when he carry bring to our community during the campaign that we should support him. Collins na him be Ogbe boy, na him still be the chairman for the community. When he came that day, women, elders, youths were all around on that day.

Why is it you that Ogbe called to come to collect the guns, why not somebody else?

Na Collins na him Ogbe call, Collins then called me that I should go and meet Ogbe, he did not call me direct, you nor understand. It was Collins that said I should go and meet him, I don’t even know wetin dey happen, I nor do all those kind things, I nor go lie you.






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