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“Please forgive me”, begs teenager who allegedly masterminded grandfather’s robbery attack

By Evelyn Usman
Operatives attached to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad Ikeja, Lagos have arrested four suspected members of a robbery gang that invaded the home of a  70year-old man in Epe area of Lagos,two weeks ago, leaving him unconscious as they made away with an unspecified amount of money.

The operatives had earlier arrested three suspected  members of the gang . Surprisingly, one of them was discovered to be the Septuagenarian’s  grandson!

Shock and disbelief could best describe the expression on the face of Pa Reuben Idowu Olukoya , on discovering that his grandson  masterminded the robbery operation. The septuagenarian, had his  Ikunoloja  abode invaded by men of the underworld numbering eight and brandishing dangerous weapons.

Dapo(alleged mastermind) & Ayinde(one of the arrested suspects)

They ordered every member of the family to lie faced down while  Pa Olukoya was asked  to go get them the proceeds from some property he sold earlier that day. Perplex at their request, the old man pleaded passionately , insisting he had no money in the house.

Throwing caution  to the dogs and  in a display of total disregard  for his age, the bandits reportedly hit the old man with an iron rod on the face, leading to his bleeding from the mouth and nose. Still , they insisted he must give them their demand.

Wreathing in excruciating pain,  Pa Olukoya managed to crawl into his bed room from where he handed an unspecified amount of money wrapped in several dirty clothes to the intruders, who left with a warning to shoot anyone who attempted to raise alarm.

After they  were certain that the bandits had  gone, Pa Olukoya was rushed to the hospital unconscious, from where doctors managed to resuscitate him.

Few days later, while the old man and members of his family were smarting from the unprecedented visit, some policemen stormed the house demanding for the man’s grandson, Dapo Olukoya ,who was subsequently whisked into their waiting van.

In a bid to ascertain  why 19-year-old Dapo was arrested, a family member followed  the policemen to the  Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Ikeja, where to his dismay, it was revealed that Dapo gave the bandits information concerning the sale of some parcels of land by his grandfather.

Crime Alert gathered  that some policemen on a stop- and -search routine duty at Ikorodu, arrested one of the suspected gang member who during interrogation, mentioned nine other members  including Dapo . The suspects according to Police sources confessed to have been behind several robbery operations in Ikorodu and its environs.

In this interview , the alleged mastermind and principal suspect , Dapo, admitted to have initiated the robbery as a way of getting back at his father whom he accused of denying him his right in the family. Although he insisted he never directed the gang to inflict injury on his grandfather but further  revealed that all he wanted was just a share of the family’s fortune,with which he hoped to start life anew

Hear him, “ I was neglected by my father. Despite all the landed property my family has, my father refused to guarantee a better future for me. I have on several occasion begged him to at least rent a shop for  me but he refused. In order to get some money to start life , I decided to get closer to my grandfather because he is the one directly  in-charge of sales of the family’s landed property.

Luckily for me, my grandfather started sending me on errands concerning the landed property. Errands like processing documents for people who bought parcels of land.

It was in the process that I discovered  he was about selling forty plots of land at the rate of N300,000 per plot. Then I decided to act fast by  contacting one of my friends, Abiodun Adeleke who promised to do the job.  When the buyers came on that day being Sunday, they paid some amount to my father. I quickly  informed the gang to strike that night because next day, my grandfather  would be taking the money to the bank”

In order to avoid being fingered , Dapo reportedly told his grandfather he would be attending a vigil that night. Although the family was surprised as that was the first time he would be attending a vigil on a Sunday. But Dapo reportedly explained the vigil was part of his spiritual  preparation towards a better living condition in year 2012.

While in  church, he said, “ I was praying for the success of the operation  . At a point, my phone rang , only for one of them to say my grandfather insisted there was no money with him. I told them to search the entire apartment and they called again to say they did not find anything. Then, I asked them to add little force , as that would make my grandfather yield to their demand. But I swear to God, I never told them to spill blood. They later called to say they had found some money .

After the vigil, I went home and to my shock I saw people crying. I thought Abiodun and his boys had killed my grandfather . When I got closer, I saw my grandfather gasping for breath before he was rushed to the hospital.

Please  help me beg my grandfather  to forgive me. I promise not to do it again. This is all the handiwork of the devil” Dapo stated .

The suspects according to Police sources, would be charged to court at the end  of investigation. Some items  suspected to have been stolen were reportedly recovered from them.


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