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Your wife took a drastic action that cost your son’s life would you forgive her

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With Florence Amagiya
Iyke did not know what to do. ‘This is just a classical case of a dilemma,’ he muttered angrily. Why would this people fix the meeting so soon? He had just been able to achieve a business feat. A formidable synergy with a multi-billion dollar company in the US of A would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

What’s more, being their only representative in  held a lot of promises too. In spite of the desirability of his state, he could not help but note with chagrin that the price he would have to pay would be to leave his wife and tender twins for a couple of days.

Though this may seem like an unbelievably easy price to pay for such goody, but the last thing Iyke wanted was to lose sight of his kids, not even for a second. And the thought of his mother in law taking charge of the affairs of the house irritated him.

There was something about that woman that gave him the creeps. ‘Well,’ he said, brushing aside his dismal thoughts, ‘maybe I’m just been hysterical as a first time daddy.’

The 2-week trip went considerably well. The only hitch was that getting through to his wife was an ordeal because she was hardly ever there to answer. On one such occasion, her mother picked it and coldly said everyone was okay. There was something unsettling about the whole thing.

He rounded off his meeting with his new partners and boarded the next flight to , only to meet a scene which he had only witnessed in his worst nightmares. There were a group of people who he recognized as his elderly relatives in the house and they all wore grim faces.

With proverb-laden speech they announce that he had lost one of his twins to bleeding which had ensued after the attempt to ‘wear’ the infant some tribal markings on the face. The other twin barely made it and is still in pains. Iyke could barely remember what he said in response to them.

He just found himself in his car driving away from the house: he could only wish that it was a dream that he could wake up from…

Written by Ogechi Ohaegbulam

*Ernest Obi

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Not on her life!
Onyebuchi, Comedian

What’s there to ask and say in all these? She took a decision concerning my children’s lives and well being without my consent. She faces my wrath because she will have her own tribal marks by the time l am through with her. The law can take its course because to me this is a criminal offence in the first place. And it might just be the end of that marriage. I don’t think l can ever forgive her because each time l see the living child with the marks, l would boil again.

Forgiveness would be conditional
Ernest obi, Actor

If my own wife can take this kind of action without seeking my consent then she is on her own. In the first place, a crime has been committed by my wife because there was no reason for her to do what she did. Even though she is the mother of the children.

I will make sure the law takes its due course by first of all arresting her and taking her to court. If she is found guilty of the offence, she will dance to the music alone, but if she isn’t then the burden is upon me to accept her back into my home that is if the love is still there. The living child might just be the only reason for her to step into my home again.

Understanding of the situation is…
Benedict Uvo, Anesthetist


Nobody prays to lose a child or a love one, but if l find myself in this kind of situation, bringing in the law would not be the first thing to do. I will perhaps understand the situation from my wife’s point of view and ask why l wasn’t consulted as the father of the children.

From the story, the father only travelled for a few weeks. The mother of the twins would have waited since it wasn’t life threatening situation. Questions like these would be raised before I will take any action: What was the base of the tribal marks?

Was she knowingly doing something criminal? I won’t forget the fact that in marriage we become one flesh/family. Once a case is taken up by the law before due consideration, then that marriage might not be mended.

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