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Pax Herbal establishes natural hospitals, pharmacovigilance centres in Lagos

In what seems like moving the country’s herbal medicine practice forward, Pax Herbal Clinic & Research Laboratories has established the first-ever natural medicine hospital and pharmacovigilance centres in two locations in Lagos.

Speaking on the hospitals which are expected to resume services by the end of November, the Director, Pax Herbal Clinic & Research Laboratories, Rev. Father Anselm Adodo,  regretted that despite new scientific discoveries in herbal medicine, the practice in Nigeria has remained stagnated through not exploiting the rapid discoveries of science and technology for its own development.

Adodo who explained that the natural hospitals would offer all forms of natural medicine such as acupuncture, homoeopathic amongst others said the hospital would also have medical doctors and pharmacists who would examine patients and recommend dosages of therapy before herbal products are administered for treatment.

He said the pharmacovigilance centres would enable patients who have taken their products to report possible adverse reactions.

“ The era of describing traditional medicine as fetish, superstitious or unscientific is gone. Medicine, whether western or traditional, have the same goal of providing healthcare. Traditional medicine in some countries has kept a slow pace of change in comparison with medicine as practiced in the industrialised countries, which keeps abreast of scientific and technological innovations to the extent that it is often exclusively referred to as modern medicine.”

The Catholic Monk regretted that Nigerian herbal medicine practitioners project themselves more as businessmen and women whose sole aim is to sell their waves rather than as scientists, thinkers, researchers and humanists working for the promotion of the common good.

He identified negative attitudes of practitioners which include; selves -centered, lack of confidence and rarely speak in the same language as factors that have not allowed the herbal medicine to progress in the country.

Adodo posited that for traditional medicine to progress, there must be a seamless movement from research to innovation, a mutual trust and respect between the scientific researchers and the herbal manufacturers/ practitioners as well as physicians.

“The aspect of traditional medicine which we practice at pax herbals is rationale medicine, that is, a scientific, rational, holistic, research oriented and evidence – based approach to herbal medicine.”


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