By Olayinka Latona & David Oso
LAGOS—The Catholic Archbishop Metropolitan See of Lagos, Cardinal Anthony Okogie, has urged government to introduce moral instructions into school curriculum.

He noted that moral instructions remained the basic foundation of passing morals to the younger generation.

Okogie made this clarion call while commissioning home economics and administrative block at Nazareth School, Festac, Lagos.

Okogie lamented that removal of moral instructions from the school curriculum had done more damage to the educational system.

He further described education without moral and religious instructions as “tea without sugar” which, according to him, is not palatable.

He decried the fallen standard of education in the country, and expressed disappointment that the level of education in the country had now depreciated to the level that some students find it difficult to spell simple words and also calculate correctly without using calculator or cell phone.

He said: “The educational standard of my school days was better than what we are having now, then we learnt all things off hand without the use of calculator or cell phone but now, it is a pity that school children cannot spell or even calculate without calculator or phone.”

Advising teachers and students, Okogie implored teachers to live an exemplary life as they were not only teachers but also second parents to their numerous students.

He added that most student’s practice what they learnt from their teachers, and pleaded that teachers should not base their reward on money alone but wholeheartedly discharges their duties towards the coming generation.

The cardinal charged the students to let obedience be their hallmark and carry out instructions by their parents and teachers.

“Children see their school teachers as their parents and they practice whatever they are taught in classroom. Teachers should strife and teach these students Godly manners and also live by example by practicing what they teach so that the children can emulate good morals from them,” he said.

Also teachers should not base their reward on money but live by the saying that teachers rewards are in heaven and you should used the designated time with your students in their classrooms” he said.


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