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My body is my altar and sacred- Charly Boy

The youthful picture of Maverick musician and show maestro, Charly boy, popularly known as Area Fada continually authenticates the claim that age is actually a thing of the mind.

Recent youthful pose of the musical Caleb that adorns the poster of the much advertised Nigerian Idol due for this month belies every thinking or suspicion that the Uguta, Imo State born son, father and grand father has gracefully attained the age of 60. What could be the magic? Has it to do with his mental attitude, food or spirituality? Perhaps all of these. But let’s hear him:

“Well, I have always said that 50 percent of my youthful look has to do with my heritage. And by that, I mean my genes. Am blessed with the best genes one can ever get anywhere in the world. My grandfather lived till a ripe old age of about 125 or there about. My father is almost 96 and still walks straight. He doesn’t wear glasses or use any reading aids. So, that explains the 50 percent .

And of course, am regardless of what anybody may think, very disciplined when it comes to spirituality, when it comes to my feeding habits and when it comes to my lifestyle. I do everything in moderation and for the past four years, I wake up in the morning and jog any where from fifteen to twenty miles every other day, especially if I’m in Abuja where it is more free and comfortable.

So, I do take care of this body. And for me, my body is my altar and my body is sacred. I don’t abuse it. Am not into womanising neither do I drink alcohol. And I make sure my eating habit is very sound. I eat a lot of vegetable and fruits . Once in a while, I eat carbohydrate because I lift iron and so I need a lot of energy.

But, like I said, I do everything with moderation. I don’t involve in too much sex, I don’t really have time for that. I don’t drink alcohol. The only vice am stuck with which is a bad habit am not proud of , and that am not promoting, though am not a Saint, is smoking of cigarette.

Chaly Boy

Everything, I do is youthful. I have a youthful disposition, I work with youths and my constituency is made up youths. That is why I have no business with old age, which is why I can never be 60. So, I still insist that my official age from now on will be 35,because my body is saying something different and my inner self is saying something different though in sync with my body. So, age is just a number.

Talking about his love for art, if you come to my house, my environment, it is all arty, my office it’s all arty. In everything I do, I see art: Mentoring people is art to me. The fact that you can take somebody who sees little or nothing about themselves and you spur them to a point where they can start believing that they can do all these stuff, and really believe in themselves by having enough confidence in themselves to challenge a whole lot of stuff, I call that human designing, that s some kind of art form for me.

Okay, the way that I have played with the consciousness of people is actually art for me. The way I have made people think in different direction is also art for me.

The place I go and the kind of things I collect depends on my need at that point in time . For instance, if it is something in the spiritual, I will go to the East . But if am looking for relaxation or to have some rest or vacation, I go to Europe. If am looking towards maybe just remodeling my wardrobe, getting my little rings and stuffs like that, I go to London. I couldn’t care less about America these days, so I just stay away. But the next place that I have never been to in my life and will love to go with all my family Dubai.

I have tried to do some works. But things left to be done are too enormous. Too frightening for me that I’m asking myself, will I ever go the whole nine yard before I quit finally? But as far as am concerned, I have to keep certain targets. I have to keep moving the goal post. Am not too worried about what I have to finish. I just have to keep doing what I can do. For me, it is all about keep moving. Never stand still or allow frustration or distraction get in your path .

I know that there are a whole lot to be done and if you put that side by side to where am coming from, having not done much, then it becomes more frightening and that is why I still thank God for the fact that I have the energy. So, it is not about whether my energy is waning, it is about my environment. All these things am dreaming about and hoping that God would help me do just about 60 percent of them.

But for now, one thing I have been able t to achieve through my maturity, my experience and my mistake of course, is some form of peace, some form of contentment and I think I owe my father that beat for directly or indirectly, consciously or unconsciously transmitting that to me.

The Charly Boy magazine like everything other magazines as soon as it started, had its teething problems, such that one experiences between the vendors the distributors. You don’t know who your friend is really. You have to figure out the language, you have to understand the intrigues and even the treachery. You have to devise new ways of doing things and probably need to set up your own marketing because you can’t rely too much on the people.

It is something that entails a whole lot of patient because if you are in a hurry to make financial gain out of it, then it may not be the right business. So, we have only been around for almost a year now, and that’s too quick to judge. But we are very hopeful because we are getting our content right.


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