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I travelled to UK with only $40 in my pocket – Paul Kayode-Joash

Paul-Kayode Joash is a man of many parts. This entrepreneur and humorous speaker of great reckoning is based in London. He has been an active development teacher and life coach for more than 15 years.

He is the host of the acclaimed My DoubleDouble TV  and Radio program me with mentoring events all year round. He shares the story of  his life with  BENJAMIN NJOKU

My name is Paul Kayode-Joash. I hail from the Yoruba speaking part of Kogi State. I’m based in the United Kingdom from where I operate my businesses. I am a strong believer in what I can do. Joash is linked to my late father. I am the second child of my parents and was thirteen years old when my dad died.

Paul Kayode - Joash

My childhood was mixed with sadness and joy. Sadness because after the death of my dad in 1985, I was exposed to all sorts of hardship that almost ruined my life. While my dad lived, we never lacked anything. But immediately after his death, things became difficult for us.

I remember how I was sent out of the examination hall during my early school days because I could not afford a fullscap sheet to write on. While my dad lived, we used to play with these fullscap sheets in our house. That is the irony of life. My late dad was a senior civil servant. He was a director in one of the ministries in Kwara State then. We used to live in the Government Reserved Area (GRA), where everything we needed to make life comfortable was provided to us by the government. Unfortunately, after his death, our tasteful lifestyle changed to misery. We were forced to be facing difficulties and to move from our luxurious GRA apartment into a mere boys’ quarter apartment.

But determined to live up to my dreams, I later got an admission to study at the University of Jos(UniJos). Mid-way, I abandoned my degree programme and travelled to the United Kingdom in search of my destiny. I left for the UK because of the incessant strikes and riots that crippled the academic activities for years. It became really frustrating that I decided to relocate to the UK.

As a UK citizen, procuring visa wasn’t a problem to me. Rather, it was a problem to raise the needed amount to purchase my travelling ticket. I had nobody to run to. My mum used to have an abandoned car in our compound. She had to sell the car to enable me raise the money for my ticket. That was how my mum supported my journey to the UK. She also sold off some of her valuable things including the items in her shop just to ensure that I realise my dream.

Unbelievably, I travelled to the UK with only $40 in my pocket. After all the expenses I incurred on the way, I was left with only $20. While in London, my supposed host was not in town at the time I arrived. I quickly put a call across to somebody I was given his telephone number back home to contact .

He was glad to welcome me to his house and I stayed with him for only one month. Thereafter, as a British citizen, I applied for the government support and eventually got it. That was how I started my survival strategy in the UK.

Surviving in UK

While in London, I realised I had to work for myself. Soon, I started a business of photographic designs and that was after I graduated from the London School of Designs. In fact, I started designing from my bedroom. Like I always advise my listeners, you must not leave what is certain for what is not certain. While I was doing my designing stuff, I was equally engaged in my part time jobs.

Indeed, not too long, my business started booming. Before I knew what was happening, I rented an office space, where I started my branding business. I equally delved into youth talks, lectures, seminars and outreaches.

Today, I can describe myself as a man of many parts. I see all of these things, as my greatest contribution to humanity. I’m into management consultancy, live coaching, training of company executives and mentoring. I also set up a Real Estate firm and run an accommodation outfit in London.

Was there any time I wanted to give up my dream? Yes, there were times when I felt things were not working out for me. At a point, it was affecting my marriage because finance is actually the bedrock of an enduring home. But I later weathered the storm.

In 1986, I gave my life to Christ as a teenager and the journey to change the world began after the Lord dropped the vision of the ministry into my heart: to bring people into the fullness of the life of God in Christ Jesus, through the revelation of the Word. In preparation, I was led by God to meet and learn under God’s Apostle of the Word; Rev George Adegboye. The training I received served as a bedrock in discovering the call of God, developing in the ministry and the eventual deployment to the nations. This call took a new turn in 1993 when I was instructed by God to relocate back to London for a new phase of the ministry called Joash Ministries. The ministry was birthed in 1999, in obedience to the leading and timing of the Spirit; out of love for the people and a commitment to bring people into the realities available in the Word. Our lives at JM are totally wrapped up in ministering to the people. Everything I do, everything I preach, every broadcast I come on, is prayed, engineered, designed to take people from where they are to where they ought to be.

Secrets of my success

I believe in investing in different sectors in a particular economy and in different economies of different countries. This is for me, the defining moment in my life. To survive in life, one needs to be involved in different things at different times. By that way, when one door closes, the other door will definitely open. We must learn to develop the attitude of going into partnership ventures.

My DoubleDouble Conference

It started about six years ago. It has to do with all the things I’m involved in. I needed to come up with an all-encompassing name that represents my several parts. That’s how I come up with the name, My Double Double. This year’s edition will be holding tomorrow, at Sheraton hotel and towers, Lagos.



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