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“You’ll only add value when you understand business environment”

Bldr, Chucks A. Omeife, FNIOB, CEO, Integrated Project Management Consult/Build Consults Ltd., President, Nigerian Institute of Building. In this chat with Saturday Vanguard Rising On The Job, he speaks from his years of experience as a management consultant and a professional builder, factors responsible for an employee’ rising on the job and vice versa.

About his growing ups and its challenges , Omeife said, growing up was a bit challenging. I’m from a very humble background, closely knitted family and strongly bonded due to the urge to survive. Generally, life was not what you can describe as comfortable but somehow through the abiding grace of God I attended Yaba College of Technology where I studied building technology. Later went to Ogun State University for a masters programme in public administration with specialisation in project co-ordination and monitoring.

Chucks A. Omeife,

However, due to the thirst for knowledge I went back to University of Lagos for another masters programme in project management with bias in the construction industry. Before this time, I have taken interest in the affairs of my professional body, the Nigerian Institute of Building and rose through different elective positions by election until July this year when I was elected as a National President.

When asked what it takes for someone to rise on the job Omeife being a professional and experienced management consultant said, basically what an employee needs is open focused mind and sincerity of purpose for you to rise on the job. You must be honest with yourself about your strength and your weaknesses, then capitalise on your strength. It does not matter where you are coming from but you must come to a point of realisation about your inner strength and the infinite opportunity that life has thrown open for everyone to chose from. With sincerity of purpose, intention and positive outlook of life any height can be attained.

As an employer of labour, what measurement would he use if an employee must be promoted in his employment, he explains that for any employee there is always an aggregate point of assessment. You must balance their strength and weaknesses against the organisational corporate goal. All qualities of a staff must be used as a basis depending on how it adds value to the objective of the organisation. Measurement of staff is based on both physical and some intrinsic qualities so it is not as straight or easy as presumed.

On employee’s career line…

An employee must show a high degree of sincerity, stability in mind and action, knowledge which can be learned along and obvious willingness to learn. Must show depth of knowledge in the organisation activities and must strive to add value to the corporate goal.

Talking about some people with certificates they can’t defend and some people not much educated but have skills to deliver, he informed that for every employer what matters is ability to deliver, this is why you see corporate Nigeria doing better than the civil service.







No doubt acquisition of certificates is very good but it must be backed by acquisition of necessary skills, knowledge and drive to perform. There is compromise between certificate and ability to deliver for any serious employee.

Reasons why some employees don’t rise on the job, the young professional agreed that employment is a process of making contribution to the overall corporate objective, however if an employee is deficient in certain area it could affect his or her growth. Like I said some employees can be retained if he possesses some qualities which though may not add value to the organisational goal but can have a positive overall effect on the relationships in the organisation. Balancing between the strength and the weaknesses can create a situation you just mentioned above where an employee remains static in position for long.

Sharing highlights on what an average employer is looking for these days, “incidentally the urge for quick money has turned employees into being less skillful, less efficient and drive in the negative path. Most employees are not too interested in assisting to build up an organisation this day but most try to get as much as what they can get not minding how.

This behaviour is a product of loss of value in the Nigerian system and lack of faith in the employer/employee relationship. What most employee want is money no matter how it comes. Unfortunately the behaviour of some employers is not helping matters.

His advice for the Nigerian youths either employed or unemployed, he said, the Nigerian youths are very creative and restless. To survive in the current world of high level competition, the youths must focus their mind on acquiring necessary positive skills and knowledge to enhance their competitiveness. As the world becomes more advanced more generic skill will be expected of them and following the trend will be the determinant. For the unemployed youths, they must refocus their mind positively and remain hopeful. This is the only way to remain stable in mind and body. And lastly, they must seek guidance within and cultivate a positive outlook of life.

Our government has a big role to play as actions of govt can either give hope or cause disenchantment which could lead to hopelessness. Irrespective of our circumstance we can choose what we want to become by our thoughts, actions, associations and finally by listening to little voice within us.


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