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Wife of slain Lagos biz man opens up: “They have locked my kids out of their father’s house”

By Emma Nnadozie, Crime Editor and Albert Akpor

THE wife of slain Lagos business man, Mr. Kazeem Ademoye who was allegedly killed in his house at Magodo Phase 2 has finally opened up from her cell at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos where she is being detained.

The 35-year-old mother of three who spoke to Crime Guard under strict security watch lamented that since the incident took place, her three children have been locked out of their home and that they have been wearing one clothe.

Mrs. Ngozi Ademoye who was visibly bemoaning the fate that befell her, alleged that since the death of her husband, her three children have been locked out by relations of their father and that they have not been able to change into new clothes.

According to her, “Yes, I killed him. I killed him but, he was the cause of it. Members of his family wanted me and my children out of the house. They wanted to take the two small ones. But no one can take my kids, no one. My three children are from him. No one can take my kids because I stayed with him that long because of my children. He came that night. He was putting on a red dress with a feather and he was also wearing a small tortoise.

“When he came, he was very aggressive and he could beat the children. Immediately I saw him in that attire, I knew he was out for trouble and I took the children inside their room. While we were fighting, the children were shouting, banging the door and calling our names because they wanted to come out. While we were together, I never felt like I was in bondage because of my children.

Mrs Nogozie Ademola

“Most times, my children will be praying and begging me to be there for them. When I saw him slump on the floor, I was with him and crying. In the morning, I called my children and we were begging him to wake up (crying) . My kids did not know what happened. They were like asking why I was crying and why I had this wound on the hand. I then took them to the parlor where we all cried for sometime, before we then called his brother.

“Immediately the brother and his wife came. I never wanted to tell them he was dead because there was one thing I did that I am proud of and that is not letting people see my husband the way he was that night. I mean the attire he was in. When the brother came in, he said the same thing, that he would not like people to see the brother like that. We called our pastor and when he came, he prayed and blessed the house.

“My children are presently with my sisters. Now that he is dead, I will still be there for my children. That night at the mortuary, the younger brother Jamiu and his friend started asking me about his office key. I then told them that it was not with me. When I then read what was going on in the papers, I said, these people are not after their brother who was in the mortuary, instead they were after getting me and my kids out of the compound and taking over his property.

“The other time, they said they went to a herbalist who told them I killed my husband because of Ogun and I said, is there any other Ogun that I don’t know about. Is it not that place we were living and the other office he was building. Is there any other place that I don’t know about. They also claimed they gave me a loan of N100,000.00. That I killed him because the loan is now in his account and I am the next of kin.

“He has three accounts, UBA where we have about N300 or N600,000.00. In Diamond bank, we have two accounts. We used to take loans with one while the other is personal account. And in this one that we used to take loan with, we took N5m and we have paid it and in the personal account we have over N2.3m and I wonder the Ogun they were talking about. I started hearing of my nightmare stories yesterday.

“You know I sleep in the cell and sometimes, we were over 16 persons in a cell and if I have had a nightmare like that, I am very sure people around me will hear about my screams. We all pray together before going to bed and when we wake up, we pray together again. It was even in that cell that I was taught to be strong . I was detained at Isheri police Station, after my brothers in-law invited the police and after wards, they brought me here.

“First I thought when I come here (Panti), my neck would be chopped off, but what I am seeing is not what I expected. Do you know what they changed to nightmare? Since we are lonely in the cell , we talk to ourselves a lot over so many things and during these conversations, I told my cell mates how my husband’s brothers have been busy trying to claim my husband’s properties. In fact, since he died, all they have been asking for is the office keys and his money.

“Nobody is talking about the welfare of my children who are still in school, no one is talking about me, they have all forgotten that I have not beencondemned yet by a judge. After having these discussions with my cell mates, I called my I.P.O and told him that I needed to speak with my brothers in-law. So, he called two of them and we met. First I begged them to forgive and I told them that I was sorry for every thing that has happened. My younger brother in-law, then told me that Jamiu wants to sub-let some part of my husband’s office building .

“And he also asked if it was true that I killed their brother for N100m, and I asked with N100m? Then he said the one in the bank account. I asked him which bank account, UBA bank or Diamond Bank? Then he told me that that was what everyone in the family is saying, after they consulted a herbalist, then I told him all the amount we have in the bank and he can also go to the banks and verify.

“I tried explaining to them that I have been with my husband for a long time and he has not told me about any N100m. After that, the next day, I read in the papers that my husband’s ghost was chasing me. There is no way a ghost will be haunting someone and nobody around that person will not know. They went and changed everything we said and the papers published a different thing.

“But I suspect something. May be, since the herbalist they consulted told them about properties, may be there are properties my husband had that I don’t know about. I used to sell men’s shoes. I stopped and went into selling natural hair and then my husband asked me to support him with my money to buy electrical lights t from one Mr. Segun Adesonya.

“I started with my husband from a very tiny room, it is as small as this room we are seated, there was no car, no housing property. We were just managing, until God started helping us. But I then noticed after some years that my husband was not happy. He normally complained that the frog my sister killed stopped him from getting more money.

I also noticed that, as rich as my husband was then, he wasn’t helping anyone, even as the bread winner of the entire family, he wasn’t helping anyone. Now, when I see people saying she killed her husband for this reason or the other, no one is asking questions. They are talking now as if they are closer to my husband than myself.

This Jamiu that is claiming to love my husband in death more than anyone was not even happy with my husband before he died. If you see his wife, she limps. She had an accident sometime ago and the doctor said they were going to cut off her foot, but my husband could not help them. Their elder sister was feeding from hand to mouth and we are rich. Is it supposed to be so? My father in-law died a very poor man and we are very rich.

“All these people coming around shouting, my children doesn’t even know them before. My husband don’t allow them come anywhere near us, I was even the one fighting for them. Now my worries are why are they going after my husband’s properties, why do they want to take everything I and my late husband laboured for years.

“Today my children can not even enter our house, they locked every where with keys, my children can not even change their clothes. Why are they treating my children like this, why are they trying to take over everything. My children comes to this place to see me with the same cloth they wore on the day of the ugly incident.

“My late husband was a very aggressive person. Whenever he is angry, you see him talking, talking, talking. He attacked me because I saw the fetish pot inside a locker and I had to try destroying it with holy water. We just started a new church close to our house and that was why the pastor was able to help me with the holy water. I saw hell when I sprinkled water on the fetish pot.

“I saw a big frog spring up from the pot and it was turning both its hands and head as if it was scratching the surface of a glass or looking for something to grip. I ran away. When he came back, he was very furious. Later, he appeared in that frightening attire and that was when he started reciting incantations and openly confessing how he killed my sister.

“My younger sister who was leaving with us died few years back after we burnt a frog we saw inside our house. Her death was a mystery because her body was burnt the same we burnt the mystery frog and she later died. We have been seeing strange things and creatures in the house. I continued staying with him just because of my children”, she stated amidst tears.

However, in another twist of events, relations of the husband have alleged that while they are patiently awaiting the outcome of the autopsy, it was discovered that the detained wife to the deceased, Mrs Ngozi Ademoye surreptitiously plotted and carted away documents of her late husband’s landed property including the palatial building at number 11, Ahirim Onuoha close , Magodo phase 2, Lagos. A spokesman of the family told Crime Guard that the widow allegedly contacted her sister, her son Tunde and a friend to her late husband pretentiously to fetch some money and food items for her kids.

It was gathered that Mr. Olumide unsuspectingly accompanied them to the house thinking that the detained widow had the approval of her husband’s family members only to learn later that the other party were in the house for another sinister motives.

It was further learn t that instead of opening the gates, the suspect’s sister and 15 -year -old Tunde scaled the fence, broke into the bedroom of the deceased and carted away landed documents including the Certificate of Occupancy C of O of the deceased’s Magodo house where he lived with his family until he was death.

Reacting to the recent development, head of the Ademoye family, Mr. Adesegun Hakeem Agbaye said it has become abundantly clear that Ngozi murdered their brother to take over his numerous properties. Mr. Agabye wondered why somebody who is being held for murder in a police formation as dreaded as SCID Panti should be allowed access to telephone facilities so much so that she could even plot the stealing of vital documents in her late husband’s bedroom.

He said, “I am shocked that some body who is being held for an offense as grave as murder can be allowed access to her telephones. As I speak with you all her lines are going and when you call them she personally picks her calls. Just on Sunday, I was told she called one of my late brother’s friends, that she wanted him to accompany her sister, Bella and her son Tunde whom she had for somebody else before marrying my brother to the house to fetch some clothes for the children as well as collect some money and food items.

“Already we had locked every where the moment she confessed that she killed my brother because we suspected she must be out for something; but what they did was to jump over the fence, broke into the house and because she has the key to my brother’s inner room, they entered it and collected documents and undisclosed amount of money and disappeared into thin air.


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