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Viju Pulp milk gets experts endorsement

Princewill Ekwujuru

Food Technology experts in the country has identified the health benefits of the newly introduced viju pulp drink, saying that the product, because of its low sugar content, will help bring about a reduction in the risks of diabetes in adults.

According to a research carried out recently by some food tech experts, the experts said that it is preferable drinking Viju milk especially the newly introduced pulp milk drink as it has equivalent minerals with a difference as the pulp milk recently is pasteurized before drinking could be allowed, making the milk drink healthier than some of the evaporated milk.

The experts said that the milk has good benefit for the mineral advancement of man as it enhanced and slow down quick aging in human being. “For this reasons it wisely choosing from in between the two milk products as both have different nutritional value to the body at every point in time,” they said.

“Evaporated milk is clearly defined as a white creamy substance that is fortified with about 28 vitamins minerals useful to man, while these classes of milk restore the lost energy it also makes the adolescents grow wisely with a sharp mind, better still, it wisely advised that you had to retreat the evaporated milk by mixing it with warm water for the good benefit of the body”

The report said, “The milk drink is already treated and pasteurized with other ingredients for the satisfaction of man. Milk drinks having gone through all the pre – requisite make it richer and ready to take, as the evaporated need some other processes for it to be very rich in minerals before consumption.”


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