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October 21, 2011

Siasia Owes Himself Moral Obligation Of Resigning

Siasia disappointed after the Nation’s Cup ouster

By Ikeddy Isiguzo
THE Nigeria Football Federation has failed to lead, Siasia does not know the enormity of his colossal failure. What personal goal did he set for himself on becoming Nigeria’s national team coach? What goal did the NFF set for him? What were the expectations of NFF when they gave him the job? Nigerians have been fooled enough.

NFF and Siasia can fool Nigerians sometime but they cannot fool Nigerians all the time. If NFF, the Board and the Technical Committee cannot lead, they should step aside and let bright minds come to move Nigerian football forward. Enough of the mediocre congress. Nigeria is not a nation of mediocre.

Reports from Europe are that Serbian Vladimir Petrovic resigned Friday after the failure to qualify for the European Championship. Serbia lost 1-0 to Slovenia on Tuesday, missing out on a place in the playoffs for Euro 2012.

If the Presidency, the NFF, the Board and the Technical Committee had men of honour, responsible and of great pedigree, swift actions would have been taken but it is never been about national interest all along. It is about them and what is in it for their pocket and bank balances.

Why are heads not rolling, Nigeria? It is business as usual already. Our countrymen are in mourning and heads are not rolling in Nigerian football.

Bonetti, the national team coach of Zambia qualified Zambia for the Nations Cup and still was shown the exit door. The Presidency, NFF, the Board and the Technical Committee should ask Kalusha why he did that. It was purely for football reasons. Fine, he got them to the Nations Cup but he cannot take them to where they want to be in future. Moses was a great leader of Israel but he could not get them to the Promised land. It was Joshua who did that. You are hired for one reason or the other and fired for so many reasons.

The Presidency who played a significant role in installing Siasia at the helm of affairs of football should lead or treat the matter the Niger Delta and Boko Haram way like they have always done, spinelessly. Siasia should step aside or be shown the way out. Nigerian football is sinking to global oblivion because charlatans and vagabonds are in charge.

Emeka Ezeugo

My Comments

ANYONE who read the statement from NFA about Siasia, asking Nigerians to be calm would know that it intends to do nothing about the Nations Cup blunder. When did the NFA know that CAF had been racist in its relations with Nigeria? What specific incidents in the course of the campaign used the racist inclination of officials? If we had won would we have filed the protest to CAF? Do we know that we bear the onus to prove this racism?

Nigerian football is in a tunnel, far away from any light as the attitude of its officials show. When a young man like Siasia can be convinced to follow the ways of a transient board that believes firmly in its fleeting moments, then the danger ahead is worse.

What makes it so important for Siasia and the illegal board of the NFA to vacate office is not the loss to Guinea. The illegalities that have been going on at the NFA have been on for too long that they are no longer sustainable.

Lawyers will tell you that an illegal NFF could not have entered into a legal contract with Siasia. The aberrations must stop quickly so that we can think of what to do with the shreds of the game.

It is actually a blessing that we did not qualify for the Nations Cup. If we did, all would have been seen as well not just with football but our sports.

We should be thanking the racists, assuming they exist, from giving us another opportunity to have another look at our football. I must confess that an overhaul does not guarantee anything. It would be worse to use that as excuse to do nothing.

My Error

Yes, It’s Heartland FC

HOW can a soccer analyst and sports’ commentator say that Iwuanyanwu Nationale won the 2011 Federation Cup. Sorry! It’s HEARTLAND FC. Even if you are writing for Emma show a little respect to our own dear Heartland.

Edmund Okeke