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Local Government funds are secured in Borno-Aisami, Magumeri LG chairman

Alhaji Modu Aisami is the Caretaker Chairman of Magumeri Local Government Area of Borno state. In this Interview with INUSA NDAHI in Maiduguri, he bares his mind on the achievements recorded in his council.

Sir can you specifically tell us the reasons that motivated you to join politics?

What motivated me to join politics is simple; I want to diligently and effectively serve my people. I want to also see that my local government develop like Maiduguri Metropolitan Coucil and other developed local government areas in the Nation. If you look at Magumeri LG, about 90% of my people are farmers.

They engaged themselves in both rainy season and dry season farming, and because of this, they need farming implements, fertilizers, pesticides and other farming inputs. In the education sector, my people are backward. So I said to myself, it is better than now that we must do something to see that our younger ones are better educated so that they would be our future leaders of tomorrow and as well assisted our aged parents at home.

On this note, I want to thank my governor Honourable Kashim Shettima for considering me worthy to lead my people under the ANPP_Led government.

Alhaji Aisami

Many local government Chairmen all over the federation and possibly Borno state are complaining that they don’t get what they deserve from the federation account. So how have you managed to perform under such conditions?

We in Borno state have no cause to regret, because our transparent governor who believes in rule of law, a banker by profession gives us exactly what is our own without tampering with single kobo. We receive our allocation on monthly basis, and when that is done, I call my senior officers to a meeting, we sit down, and we deliberate and make good plans on how to develop our area.

So to make that statement is completely false or wrong, our governor doesn’t tamper with any council’s fund. I can confidently tell the whole world.

So, if anybody is making such claims, he/she is doing it because they are not into the system, or they are our political opponents, but thank God that now you are hearing the truth from the horse’s mouth.

In fact, the governor doesn’t even know when we have our meetings with the Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs on Fund Management. What more of tampering with the funds? It is only some few disgruntled elements that want to dent his image, but they will never succeed.

The only thing they should do is to challenge the Federal Government to increase the allocations which can cater for some of these problems on ground.

Some Local Governments have complained of the problem of ghost workers. Are you similarly affected?

Actually, we don’t have such a problem. A committee on the issue went round all the 27 council areas, Magumeri had no problem based on the committee’s report, so to that effect my local government is fully operating without any ghost workers.

What about the working relationship with the staff of the local government vis_ viz security?

As regards working relationship with local government staff and my administration, I can categorically tell you that it is very cordial, this is because anything (project) beyond N200, 000 I don’t do it without consulting them, I have to write to the council, and they will sit down and deliberate on it before final approval is made.

Before I execute that project, their salaries and allowances are paid without delay. In terms of security, we make sure that peace and unity prevail in the council.

I want to tell you that in any society when there is no security of lives and property, there is bound to be chaos for effective development. Against this background we liaise with the police and other security agencies in my local government to fight crime and other social vices.



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