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Her mother swindled you, would you marry her?

By Florence Amagiya

The voice at the other end of the line sounded impatient, much to my chagrin. ‘Kalu, I told you that the goods would be sent to you in two weeks!’ she bawled.  What was this woman trying to do? All of a sudden, a mixture of hatred and something even more morbid engulfed my very being.

‘Madam Kwame, if I must refresh your memory, you seem to have forgotten that the ‘two weeks’ promise ended three weeks ago! Are you taking me for granted because I trusted you enough to send the complete money for the goods?’

The faint click at the other end told me all I needed to know. She had hung up the phone. Why had I trusted her? Oh, God! My fellow Nigerians must not hear that a smart guy like me got swindled by an old, gray-haired woman!

I gnashed my teeth in deep regret and thought on how I can get back the money I had been swindled of. But I cannot allow my self—a whole me—to be treated this way, I reflected. I just had a weakness for women both old and young.

For this woman, it wasn’t just the gray hair that made me rust her (how foolishly sentimental of me!), but she also really looked like someone I know… someone I love. My mind trailed off to Nkiru, my darling. Funny, how the thought of a loved one can give one momentary solace from this awful life. I chided myself for comparing the crafty Ghanaian woman with my love.

A month after this experience, Kalu, the successful business man recovered from the N10m loss and began to make the necessary moves to marry Nkiru. The first road he had to cross was to see her parents. When they both got to her family house in her place of origin, he discovered her mother is Madam Kwame—a Ghanaian who had married an Igbo man. He walked right out of the house in anger…

Story by Ogechi Ohaegbulam

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Investigation is necessary

Chidi Mokeme, Actor

I will make my decisions based on the circumstances surrounding the scam. If my wife to- be had no hand in the swindle then it will be unfair to visit the mother’s sin on her, but if l discovered she is involved then l will know she got involved with me only for the money. It can be said that she was never in love at all in the first place and when she is through with ripping me, she would leave me.

Call off wedding until…

Nonso Odogwu, Actor

If l am in a relationship with a lady that is already leading to marriage and l get swindled by an older woman and find out it’s my fiancee’ mother. That marriage will be called off until l am through with my investigations. I will find out if both of them were involved in the scam.

Or whether my fiancée duped me using her aged mother as front. If l am satisfied that she is innocent then the wedding holds, but if l am not then it is called off after my money has being paid.

Will marry her!

Jude Sax, Artiste

I will go on with the wedding because l cannot imagine that my wife to be can or would have plotted to swindle me in the first place. So if her mother had swindled me, l shouldn’t rub Peter to pay Paul.
Marry her with motive

Obycrux, Artiste

I will go with the wedding because it is the only way to get her close and make her confess the deed and pay her back if l am in the mood. If l don’t then l will lose all l have suffered for and she will do it to someone else in future.

After this is done then we can talk about the divorce proceedings. After all, she was never in love with me in the first place, so l will treat her as she really deserves. What kind of coincidence is that?

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