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Government has no work plan for youth employment-Adaelu

Noble C.C. Adaelu, the National President of the Concerned Youths Empowerment Association of Nigeria, a patriotic youth association drawn from the six-geo political zones of the country with unique understanding and solution to finding objectives to reclaim Nigeria. The association is saddled with the responsibility of preparing the Nigerian youth to ensure sustainable development in Nigeria. Excerpts:

How have you been going about it to make sure you achieve your motives for the Nigerian youths?

Yes, we are on the way to achieve that. First of all our concern now is to get youths involved and our vision known to them. This is a newly established organsiation.

Have you been able to identify the needs of Nigerian youths so that you know the areas to tackle?

Yes, but it is important to know that our focus is on governance and leadership. If our government has a detailed work plan for the youths, there wouldn’t be much unemployment problem facing them, the ratio should have now been reduced. Secondly, the educational sector is too poor to cater for the masses. Our government is not living upto expectation to cover this area.

How can your organisation change that orientation among youths allowing themselves to be used for pay back of peanuts?


We have a lot of programmes to sensitise on that. It is a very big task and is one of our major tasks.

What do you want government to do so that youths in this country will no more be shortchanged?

Government has to do a lot. A lot of things have gone wrong, sometimes you ask if Nigeria is a country or not. There is no better work plan for the youths even if they have, it is not being implemented, so we work to bring government attention on that and address all this pertinent issues.

If your organisation were to proffer solution to the problem of the youths, what would you advice government to work on?

A lot for the betterment of Nigerian youth. First of all there should be a complete overhaul of Nigerian constitution to accommodate the youths.

What type of programme is your organisation putting in place to empower the youths or make them become self-reliance?

Our programms are well detailed to empower Nigerian youths – making them to be self-reliant and benefit as citizens of this great country.

If we must solve the problem of unemployment, corruption, kidnapping and other social vices among youths, what do you suggest to government?

First of all, government must make sure that the structures of government are democratically represented and local government, all the sectors allocations are delivered judiciously to allow development. Transparency and accountability must be in place.

When this is done, the rate of unemployment will be reduced because there will be a constitutional and democratic openness to contain all the security of the nation must be totally re_equipped. Politicians should stop importing arms.

From all indications, I can see that the motive of your organisation is genuine, but how do you get funding to meet up this task ahead of you?

We believe we can raise it within, we reject being financed by a politician. If reputable Nigerians see our programme in place they will appreciate and support it. The National Governing Council also have plans to fund our activities.

On a general note, what is your takes on the state of the youths and your candid advice so in no distant time, your dream of progress will begin to materialise?

We envision a nation where youths will contain congenial democratic atmosphere devoid of violence to ensure sustainable development in Nigeria. The Youths should shun violence and refuse being used by the politicians to achieve their selfish agenda. They should believe in themselves and know that they too can handle the same mantle of leadership and reclaim the nation.



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