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Controversy over CHRISTMAS: GKS challenges churches …marks Freedom Day in Ghana

By Laja Thomas, who was in Ghana
GOD’s Kingdom Society, GKS, has challenged Christian leaders and other stakeholders to come forward with verifiable evidence that the proginator of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ was born on December 25, accusing churches and Christian leaders of deceiving people on the actual birth date of Christ.

The GKS contended, in an address in Accra, Ghana, to mark its annual Freedom Day anniversary which, according to the church’s doctrine, is meant to create awareness and enlighten the general public that Jesus Christ was born in the month of October, although the precise date was not known.

Reading the Chairman of GKS’ Executive Board, Brother Godwin Ifeacho’s address titled: “The Freedom of Christ”, the vice chairman, Bro. Felix Adedokun said, “the world we live today is still in search of genuine freedom obviously because of the deceit of mankind.

As everyone knows, despite attaining independence, Nigeria and indeed various countries of the world are still beset by various problems.

It therefore cannot be denied that, more than ever before, people are yearning to be free from the scourge of accidents, natural disasters, crime, terrorism, unemployment, diseases, poverty, discrimination, rejection, death and so many other conditions over which they have little or no control over.”

The clergyman attributed the reasons for these shortcomings to Satan who is leading wicked men and women to oppose God and all that answers to righteousness, which was made manifest through the bondage of sin. His words: “The fact is that man cannot attain true freedom by his own efforts.

It was due to the devil’s influence that man sinned by disobeying the divine command. (Gen. 2:16, 17; 3:1-6). This has been the bane of man’s existence since then, “it was for the purpose of freeing man from death that Jesus Christ was manifested to destroy the power of the devil (I John 3:8) and gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father.”

Bro. Ifeacho laid emphasis on what he called the law of liberty, saying “to enjoy the freedom of Christ, people must embrace the truth, exercise faith in it by being righteous at all times and remaining in the way of God until the end.

‘If ye continue in my word’, said our Lord Jesus Christ, then are ye my disciples indeed. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8-12, 31-32).

Continuing, he said: “Indeed all those who have come to Christ will enjoy the new atmosphere of freedom from falsehold, fears, anxieties, addictions to lusts of the flesh, and so on.”

While lamenting the “refuge of lies”, which have ruled the world, Bro. Ifeacho said; “it is highly unfortunate that despite the door of liberty which God used Christ to open for mankind, many people today are still in Satan’s prison, including some false religious organisations where they are fed with lies, which include false promises of miracles and instant wealth.”

Ifeacho warned that “anyone who, in spite of warning chooses darkness to light will remain in bondage and will be plagued with strong delusion,” assuring the congregation that “the benefits of Christ’s freedom would be fully realised in God’s Kingdom fully established, after the devil had been killed by Jesus Christ.

Thereafter, ignorance, diseases, disabilities, poverty and so on will be no more. And he will destroy in his mountain the face of the covering cast over all people, and the rail that is spread over all nations.”

Addressing newsmen, the vice chairman, who lead the delegation to Ghana, Bro. Felix Adedokun said: “GKS has not come to change the celebration of Christmas from December 25, all we are doing is for Jehovah God to open the eyes of every individual to know the truth and acquire knowledge about events surrounding the birth of Christ,” adding that, “Biblical, historical evidence and every physical sign at that time in Jerusalem showed that Jesus Christ was not born in December, adding that “let them come out and prove to us that we are misleading the people.

Rather, they are the ones misleading the people. It is very clear therefore that Jesus Christ was not born in December. Instead, he was born in October, according to biblical and historical facts.”

The Freedom Day anniversary was preceded by series of lectures on such topics as; “Does the Bible support the ordination of women pastors,” “If Hell is meant for the wicked only, why did Jesus Christ go there?” “God’s Kingdom, the only hope of mankind”, “It is only the truth, not miracles that can save us,” amongst others.


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