THOUGH remorseful of her dastardly act, Mrs. Ngozi Ademoye has maintained that her late husband, Kazeem, was a die-hard cultist.

She said the fight between them that eventually led to his death arose from her insistence that he should renounce cultism.

The Delta State born mother of three who is still being held at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, revealed to family members and close friends of her late husband led by a Lagos high chief, Paul Olusegun Da Coasta, the Bobajaiye of Lagos who visited her at police custody that when she recently discovered that her husband was a cultist, she made frantic efforts to make him renounce it without success.

*Late Ademoye (2nd right) with his relations during the burial of their late father

She said she approached her pastor who prayed over a bottle of water with an instruction to always sprinkle some quantity all over the house, especially before bedtime.

According to sources, prior to that fateful Friday, Mrs. Ademoye had surreptitiously entered her husband’s secret room where she discovered a black box containing huge sums of money, names of some people including her’s, a red robe and several charms. Vanguard was told that upon this strange discovery, a fearful Ngozi sprinkled the holy water on the box and dashed out of the room.

It was further gathered that when her late husband returned Thursday night, he discovered that somebody had entered his room adding that a mild quarrel between husband and wife ensued following which the wife ran into her room for safety.

However, sources said trouble started at about 4.00am when late Kazeem was allegedly chanting some incantations which woke his wife up. And wanting to confirm her curiosity, she was said to have armed herself with the holy water and forced herself into the room where she beheld her husband in a red robe with a goat-like horn smeared with blood and other obscene substances and she raised alarm and started pouring the water on him.

The red robe, tortoise and the bag containing alleged cult materials

The late husband was said to have jumped at her, held her hair and was pulling it very hard. But when she eventually freed herself from the grip, she reportedly ran and picked up an electrical apparatus identified as an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), hit it hard on her husband at a time he bent to pick an undisclosed object.

She said: “After hitting him twice, he still struggled up, held my neck as if to strangle me but he slumped with blood profusely gushing out.

Out of fear, I ran out having locked the door against him. I think he bled to death because when the fight happened, I called his younger brother, Kunle who did not come until about 7. 00am. Together, we entered his room only to discover that he was stone dead.

Both of us pulled off the cult uniform and wore him a much better dress. It was even both of us that went to Ikorodu to get an ambulance which conveyed him to the morgue. I did not know that, that the electrical apparatus can cause his death. Again, I locked the door to prevent people from seeing him clad in that cult dress and protect family name.”

Unfounded bunch of lies

Reacting to Ngozi’s confession, Chief Da Coasta who named Messrs Captain Victor Aigbokhan (rtd) and Aroyole as those who accompanied him for the midnight visit at the police custody queried why the killer-wife had to initially cover up her criminal act with unfounded bunch of lies. He said: “My query is that why did she initially lie to us, why?

First, she said her husband died of heart attack as a result of office stress. Later, she said it was the holy water she sprinkled on him that killed him and so many other lies. Though the dead man cannot talk, from what I have heard, it was a fight between the two which eventually resulted in death.

“I even went further to question who helped her to lift the UPS she said she lifted with her two hands and hit him on the head when he attempted to pick up something to hit her; and unfortunately it was the edge of the UPS that went to hit his skull.

And when the police went to fetch the electrical gadget, it was smeared with blood and his hair. She complicated her case with the initial lies.”


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