NIAMEY(AFP) – One of deposed Libyan leader Muammer Gaddafi’s sons, Saadi Gaddafi, arrived Sunday in Niger, a government spokesman said.

“Today, September 11, a patrol of the Nigerien armed forces intercepted a convoy in which was found one of Gaddafi’s sons,” Marou Amadou said.

It was Saadi Gaddafi, a former footballer, said Amadou, who is also Niger’s justice minister.

“At this moment the convoy is en route to Agadez (northern Niger). The convoy could arrive in Niamey between now and tomorrow,” he added.

Saadi, 38, the third of Gaddafi’s seven sons, is a playboy who renounced a football career in 2004 to join the army, where he led an elite unit.

Niger vowed Friday to respect international commitments if wanted Libyans entered its territory, and confirmed that three Gaddafi-era generals, including his air force chief, Al-Rifi Ali Al-Sharif, had arrived in Agadez.

Niamey has insisted Gaddafi himself was not on Nigerien soil.

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