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August 5, 2011

Mercy Johnson’s wedding threatened

By the time you are reading this piece, the much talked about wedding of hot and sexy Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson to her hubby, Prince Odinaose Okojie, billed to take place on August 27, may suffer a setback, if urgent steps are not taken to stem the tide.

In the heat of preparation for the celebrity white wedding, a woman better known as Lovely Okojie has emerged from the blues, and her story is that she is still married with two kids to Prince Odianose Okojie, the man, Mercy Johnson is set to wed in a few weeks from now.

According to the story making the rounds online, the embattled woman is alleging that she is the legal wife of Prince Odianosen Okojie, and she is therefore calling for cancellation of the wedding plans.

If her story is anything to go by, she has been married to OKojie since 2006, in far away Italy, and they are blessed with two loving kids.

Mercy Johnson

Her story posted online reads, “My name is Lovely Okojie, legal wife of Prince Odianose Okojie, the man Mercy Johnson is set to wed in a few weeks. I was referred to you to help me share my story after all else had failed to stop another woman from breaking my home.

“I used to have a sweet home but now Mercy Johnson is trying to destroy it. I’ve not been able to stop crying or sleep well for the past few months. I’m appealing to the world and whoever knows her to please tell her to leave my husband alone. I’m married to this man and there has never been any divorced paper signed. We are still legally married, he’s the love of my life and the father of my two lovely kids.”

Continuing, she said, “we got married back in 2006 in Modena, Italy, attached are pictures of the wedding. At the moment, he’s busy in Nigeria planning to wed Mercy Johnson, abandoning me and our children. Fellow women, is this fair? So, with all the single guys out there, Mercy could not find herself one. How can a woman not care that she’s destroying the home of another woman, all in the name of getting married desperately. I’m in terrible pains. What do I tell my children?”

However, in a swift reaction to the allegation, Bigsam Media, the official publicist for Mercy Johnson, admitted that a relationship existed between Okojie and Lovely Okojie but it packed up some five years ago.

In a reaction sent via BlackBerry wireless device(MTN) to Showtime Celebrity and titled “Facts on Mercy Johnson’s story”, Bigsam said, “just as we all know that it is barely three weeks to Mercy Johnson’s grand wedding ceremony, plans are being cemented and invitation cards have already started going out. But as the count down begins to the wedding date,a lady that goes by the name Lovely Okojie has surfaced, and her story is that she was married and is still married with two kids to Prince Odianose Okojie, Mercy Johnson’s husband to be.

“As expected, this situation has been generating a lot of comments but here are some basic facts to the story. The relationship between Prince Odianose Okojie and Lovely Okojie, packed up five years ago, and Mercy Johnson’s marriage plans to Odi has been in the open for quite a while. Odianose truly is the father of the girl in the pictures being spread all over the internet but there are doubts that he is the father of the boy. Odianose is a prince and can marry more than one wife under customary law. In her bid to stop the marriage, Lovely Okogie has gone to Christ Embassy to demand that the marriage be stopped, but the Church has requested that she provides a marriage certificate to back up her claim but as at the time of this publication, Lovely is yet to come up with a tenable certificate.”

While we are left to decide who is right and who is not, Mercy Johnson and Odi’s plans for the wedding remain the same. It will be a 4-day event that will run from August 25 to 28, 2011. In details, the court wedding will be on August 25, Engagement will be on 26, Church wedding and reception will be on 27 and then, a Thanksgiving Service/Bride’s party on 28.

Meanwhile, before this story erupted, Showtime Celebrity gathered that Lovely is trapped in Canada where she is currently based with her kids as she is yet to regularise her stay in that country.

It was also gathered that she has once confronted Okojie about Mercy, which, according to her, he denied having any affair with her as he claimed that she is just his business partner.

Attempt however to contact Mercy Johnson on phone proved abortive as her cell phones were switched off.