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Is there time limit for civil / criminal cases prosecution?

Legally, is there any possibility of criminal and civil cases to be dispensed within a time line?

For instance , a lady fraudulently obtained money to supply customised clothes for a church ceremony which she failed to do

Consequently, the mater was reported to the police . A civil suit was instituted . The matter has been on for the last eight months and legal bills are ruining . Up till now the cases are still on -going with avoidable court adjournments. Emy Kole

Of course in law , there must certainly be an end to any litigation be it civil or criminal , the delay you are experiencing in the prosecution of the two cases is the manifestation of what is wrong with our legal system.

U did not state in clear terms whether the criminal aspect of the case is being prosecuted by the police , but I assume it is being done .

But there are still some unanswered questions , Has the said woman who allegedly collected the money fraudulently being arrested ?

Do the police have sufficient piece of evidence to prosecute her ? How much is involved ? Has she being arraigned before any court ? Does the court have jurisdiction to hear the case? Is she being represented by any legal counsel?

These are some of the issues that affect quick dispensation of cases . Some times , the lawyers and the court also contribute. But I dare say that eight months is not too long a period to get the cases through considering the snailing speed of our criminal justice system .

However , one is not unmindful of the saying that justice delayed is justice denied. If the criminal matter is before a magistrate court , tell the lawyer holding your watching brief to urge the prosecutor to ensure speedy trial .

If the case is before a high court , let the state counsel know how you feel . Say the same thing to your counsel handling the civil aspect of the case . Except in election petition matter , the law does not prescribe any time frame for civil or criminal cases to end

Is use of ATM compulsory?

Kindly advise me on this issue. I operate a current account with one of the stable commercial banks. Like most account operators, I embraced the Automated Teller Machine (ATM), cash paying system when it was introduced.

I didn’t have any problem with using the machine except on one or two occasions when my account was debited when the machine failed to dispense the cash I requested for. I promptly lodged a formal complain and the error was rectified. I worked into my bank one day after I found it difficult to use my ATM card to withdraw cash.

I was told by the Customer Service officer that I needed to submit my card for upgrading against fraudsters. Truly, I’ve heard several cases where people complained of huge withdrawals from their accounts via ATM by unknown persons. I submitted my card and I was told to pick the new one up in two weeks time.

On getting to the bank after two weeks to collect my ATM card, I was told to fill a form. On reading through the form, I saw a clause that stated that the bank would not be liable for any cash withdrawn by anybody from the account.

I found this unacceptable and refused to fill the form. I want to know if it is compulsory I use the ATM card and is it right for the bank to include such clause in the form?

However, it is gratifying to note that the Nigerian Bar Association NBA, is already taking steps to bring about reforms of the nation’s criminal justice delivery system.


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