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Femi Mokikan, a seasoned Human Resource personnel is the Executive Director of Seven-Up Bottling Plc. He has lived all his professional life managing people . He is our guest in this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk.

What does it take to eat balanced diet?

For me, balanced diet is any food that is good for one’s system. But it is important not to eat only one food.

What’s your eating habit like?

I used to have a bad eating habit before my recent experience. Then, I was only eating lunch and dinner. Unfortunately, my dinner comes very late because of the nature of my work. I eat mostly when I’m at home, so, it is difficult for me to have dinner early enough . Although my lunch is regular, I wouldn’t recommend my eating habit to anybody.

Was it the same while you were growing up?

We were eating very well. But rice comes once or twice in a year. I’m sure most of my generation will testify to this claim. We were looking forward to eating rice during Christmas celebration. Then, there were so much we could do with yam. We could eat pounded yam round the clock; morning, afternoon and night.

…Between childhood and adulthood?

•Femi Mokikan

Today, one can eat rice almost everyday because it is the easiest food to cook. There are some foods we eat today that were not available during our time. For instance, Semovita, Noodles, Macaroni, Spaghetti.

But for me, my kind of food is African food. Pounded yam, rice and beans together with locust beans (iru) cooked together. I also missed my village fruits. I can’t remember buying agbalumo in Lagos, as well as mangoes.

Can you prepare any of your native soup?

When I did my youth service, I cooked for myself. There was nothing I couldn’t cook then. Yes, I can prepare my native food. But it might not be as quality as that of the one cooked by my mother.

Since I got married, I haven’t tried my hands on cooking. My wife, and my relatives do the cooking. But, if I’m faced with no alternative, I will return to the kitchen.

Do you patronise joints and fast foods outlets?

Yes, but the environment must be decent. When I joined my company, there was this local restaurant I used to patronise. The women cooked very well like my mother in the village. But, I stopped visiting the restaurant because of the environment.

So, if I find a decent environment, I will not hesitate to patronise local joints. There was a time, I travelled to Kaduna and Sokoto and my colleagues wanted to take me to a Chinese restaurant. But I refused to go with them because I needed a place where I could wash my hands and deal with the food judiciously.


I don’t discriminate against fruits. After my past experience, I have been living on fruits.


I’m still going through incorporation.

How do you relax on weekends?

I go to work on Saturdays. But my weekend starts only on Sundays. I go to church and wouldn’t return until 2 pm. My week-days are occupied.

Nutritional values of lettuce

The juice of lettuce, when mixed with rose oil and applied to the forehead, can help ease headache and even aid a sound and restful sleep.

Lettuce, being high in dietary fiber, aids digestion and is good for those suffering from constipation.

Lettuce has been associated with reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and cataracts. This mainly results from the presence of beta-carotene, the chief disease-fighting nutrient, in the salad.

Since lettuce is pretty low in calories, it makes the perfect snack for those trying to lose weight.

It is rich in folic acid, which is known to help prevent neural-tube birth defects in the beginning stages of pregnancy.

It is believed that consumption of lettuce might help one get over nervous insomnia, as it contains a sleep-inducing substance.

Lettuce has been found to be beneficial in the prevention of spinal bifida and anemia. It is also has been associated with better liver health.

Men who are suffering from the problem of premature ejaculation can also find a relieve.

A mixture of lettuce juice and spinach juice is said to be good for those who are troubled by the problem of hair loss.

It is quite beneficial for people who often suffer from the problem of nervous cough.

The high magnesium content in lettuce makes it rich in reviving powers, in relation to muscular tissues, brain and the nerves.

As well, lettuce can prove helpful in treating acid indigestion, anemia, arthritis, catarrh, circulatory problems and colitis.

Those suffering from gastritis, gout, irritable bowel, obesity, sexual addiction, stress, tuberculosis, ulcers and urinary tract diseases might benefit from the regular consumption of lettuce.

The Day’s Menu

Are you looking for Ghanaian foods? You must be ready to prepare some mouth-watering delicacies.

Ghanaian foods, like most African foods, are prepared from vegetables, tubers, grains, fish, other sea foods, snails, and meat of various kinds.

They are as varied and diverse in constituents and preparation as the beautiful people who occupy the modern day Ashanti Confederacy.

Most Ghanaian foods are prepared from the same food items. Today Celebrity Tummy Talk brings you Waakye, one out of the numerous foods from Ghana.

Waakye is a very popular Ghanaian food. It is often eaten as breakfast or launch, and sold by vendors on the streets of big and small cities alike in Ghana.

It is made boiling rice and beans together. Some may include tomatoes, chilli pepper, other spicy ingredients and fish, prawn or meat.

Waakye is a delicious and nutritionally rich food. It has been hailed by the United nations as a combination than can help stamp out malnutrition from the world.

Like any other food, if prepared in a clean environment and eaten within minutes or a few hours of preparation, it will remain a healthy choice in terms of bacterial contamination.

Waakye is rich in protein, essential vitamins, magnesium, and other micro-nutrients that keep us healthy. It is also a low fat meal, provided too much oil is not included during preparation. Please, enjoy Waakye.




•Red beans or black eye peas (beans), about 200grams

•Long grain rice about 150grams


•Four to five cups of water


Soak your preferred beans in water over night to become soft and easy to cook. Alternatively, you can soak it for three to five hours in the morning, should you want to prepare this meal for lunch or dinner.

Now bring the soaked beans to boil in a pot after washing and cleaning the beans. Allow to boil for about 15 minutes.

Then wash your rice and add to the boiling beans and add more water. Allow the mixture to boil for about 30 minutes, adding water to achieve the desired level of tenderness.

Add salt to taste.

Your Waakye is ready to eat. Serve with a sauce of vegetable and fish or meat.

Some would add blended tomatoes straight into the boiled mixture, curry, magi cube, chilli pepper, and a little vegetable or palm oil and allow to boil for another 10 minutes, and ready to serve as complete.


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