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Who would you support : Your family or spouse in a cross-road?

With Florence Amagiya

Mary and Jason has being married for about fifteen years without a child. The family of Jason has being on his neck to take a second wife, yet he refused. The couples have being wonderful together to the annoyance of Jason’s family.

Mary’s only brother moved in with the couple in order for them to have company of a family. While he attends a university in the city. They have being living at peace with other except for the consistent armed robbery attack on the street and their home.

The Anti- crime had being contacted, to no avail and the death rates on the Neighbours have being threatening. Jason was forced to purchase a weapon for his family defense.

It was the fateful evening, Jason and his wife heard a banging on their gate, just like the ones from the armed robbers and decided to take laws into their hands by shooting at first sight. Jason shoot, only to hear a scream of pains from his brother- in-law’s lips.

He and his wife ran to the gate to find the wife’s brother swimming in his own pool of blood dying. The last thing he said was ‘Your husband has killed me because we are sharing a woman.

Mary couldn’t take this as a pitch of salt coming from their only son’s mouth, so Mary was asked to testify against Jason in the court of law…

 This is what our celebrities have to say

Thick and thin with…

Bob Manuel, Actor

The wife’s brother really had a lot to hide. Why didn’t he identify himself while knocking at the gate? Is he somehow related to the robbers in their dealings? Wasn’t he aware of the gun his in-law bought? As far as I am concerned, the dead boy though we are not supposed to talk evil about the dead was ungrateful.

If he knew of a reason to be scared of his in-law, why didn’t confide in his sister? And if it is easy for him outside the sister’s house, why was he living with them? As for the wife, I will advice her to stick to her husband whether they have children or not.

Is the family saying she should move out of her husband’s house to fight against him? Has she gotten a better man outside other than her living husband? These are the questions that should go through a wise woman’s mind before decision is taken. I am sure after these thoughts she would go with her husband.

Damn the unfaithful…

Franka Omojefe, Song Writer

This is a terrible position to find yourself. No matter how much I love my husband, he has killed a man and that man happens to be my brother. Every body makes peace at their death beds so based on this, I will be so sure of my brother’s last words of accusation.

I will definitely bring his killer to book even if the killer is my husband. Justice must be serve. He is my husband, but he is also a killer. He should be man enough to face the consequences of his actions. His likes should not be allowed to roam the streets to cause more harm!

Till death with wifey!

Morientez, Artiste

I won’t listen to a story like that from my dying brother because he had time to tell me, but refused to tell me. More so, it was I and my wife that went to the door, so l know it is a case of mistaken identity.

My brother should have knocked and call my name instead of knocking like the robbers themselves. It is a pity he died like that. As for my wife, I will stand by her to the last.

Husband all the way!

Faith Eriata, Model

Wow! I love my husband as well as my brother. But one of my love ones is dead and I cannot afford to loose the other. I was there with my husband when he shoot at the so- called robber from the distance.

So I know he didn’t do it intentionally. I will stick to my husband because it was an act of defense on his part and I don’t care what my family feels about it.

Defense of the brother…

Martina Onukwufor, Actress

This is a pathetic story and confusing at the same time. But I will go with my family because from the dying statement of my own brother, I know my husband was cheating on me.

In as much as I don’t want my husband to be killed but then he has hurt me by committing adultery, yes that alone can be forgiven, but for murder? No way! That means he has killed me also and I will make sure justice prevails in this case. I only pray his case can be reduced to manslaughter, but justice will prevail.


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