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PDP contraption is climax of ridiculous absurdity – Rev. Okotie

*Says Nigeria’s democracy is a terminological deceit

FRESH from the April 2011 general elections, the presidential candidate of the Fresh Democratic Party Reverend Christopher Oghenebrorie Okotie recently marked his 53rd birthday in an unusual form as he was consecrated the Prince of Nigeria in a ceremony in his Household of God Church in Oregun area of Lagos. The consecration was performed by the Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Lagos State, Bishop George Amu who used the occasion to eulogise the erstwhile musician, describing him as a man of immense character. Following the consecration, Okotie spoke to Vanguard on contemporary political issues, including the security challenges presently confronting the nation. Excerpts:


After losing in the last presidential election you didn’t go to court. Why?
Because I have never felt that this is a matter that can be settled in the arena of jurisdiction. Because there are powers that are at work beyond what we see. The PDP put in place a contraption that is probably one of the most sophisticated so far in election manipulation. And they were particularly against me because of the fact that I opposed the president. So many places where people voted for me, they just didn’t count those votes and assign those votes to other people.

If you look at the result sheets, some of the people who supported President Goodluck Jonathan in other political parties who were not even known, nobody even knew that they were participating in the election scored higher than myself. I mean, it’s the climax of absurdity, it’s ridiculous. But the weapons of our warfare are not canal but are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

So I am not at war with anybody. I believe that when the time comes, everything will work together. God will allow these things for now for His own purpose but there is a definite time that has been set aside by God for change. Because Nigeria cannot survive the way it is right now, we all know it, including PDP. They are just buying time as much as they can, but since it’s imminent, it’s inevitable.
But for now you have accepted what we have?

You mean in terms of the government?


There’s nothing I can do than to work according to the constitution. I am not a disorderly person, I am a Christian. If they’re proclaiming that they have won the election and they are seen to have won, there is nothing anyone can do about that. I continue to maintain the fact that this is not the best that Nigeria can offer. This is not the best that our region, the Niger Delta can offer. This is a manipulation of the system for their own good. It is the same PDP, they hand over one baton to another, and they have no solution to the problem.

Do you really believe that after four years of President Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerians will vote for another president from Niger Delta?

Let me be as objective as possible. I do not think at this point in time, Nigeria is interested in regions. The xenophobia that has been created by all this Niger Delta thing is not sustainable…

Read the full interview in tomorrow’s Vanguard, Monday 18 July ,  2011 edition.



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