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Nigeria have interesting brands & stories to share – Dir, CoolBrands Africa

Mr. Franklin Ozekhome, is the Director, CoolBrands Africa, he spoke with Princewill Ekwujuru on the coming of the CoolBrand Team from Amsterdam to Nigeria, their mission and the evolving new trend in campaign strategy referred to as The Story-Telling analogy. Excerpt.

 What motivated the CoolBrand Team into the story-telling analogy as campaign strategy?

•Mr. Franklin Ozekhome

Story-telling is a very powerful way of transmitting a message. Sharing stories with opinion leaders all over the world is creating so-called lifestyle nations, beyond geographic borders.

The idea of sharing stories across continents among opinion leaders is very appealing, both to us and to brands.

Upcoming markets like Nigeria and Brazil have interesting brands and stories to share. The mix of brands from different continents is relevant in sharing knowledge.

Approaching story-telling as a campaign has the advantage that people understand where we are coming from, they are familiar with the concept of a campaign.

And the fact that we involve 50 brands and not just one, gives the advantages of a multi-client project, which makes the impact bigger.

One brand can communicate to its existing target groups, but 50 brands can reach much more. They now have the opportunity to reach opinion leaders that are not (yet) in their network, but they exchange networks of opinion leaders with other brands all over the world.

What does the Coolbrand Team mean by Global Story-Telling Campaign, what does it entail?

It is a worldwide platform where the stories of 50 brands are shared and distributed.

10 brands per continent with a relevant story.

We use the communication power of the participating brands to effectively spread the stories globally.

Like this, the brand story will be under the attention of opinion leaders and connectors in Europe, Africa, North and South America and Asia.

How does it work?

It is a distribution of the stories to the top of the pyramid. The stories, written with a wow factor and stickiness, are published in a hard copy book and an online book.

The hard copy books are distributed by CoolBrands and by the participating brands to 25,000 opinion leaders, across five continents.

The opinion leaders are requested to send a link to the online book to their social networks (twitter, facebook, linkedin, local networks). Each opinion leader will reach an average of 100 connectors.

With this, the brand story reaches a potential audience of 2.5 million connectors worldwide. By means of interaction (by CoolBrands moderators), the stories are shared and will ‘travel’ on.

Distribution to brand fans: We provide the participating brands with a link to their online story, to place on their social media. In this way, we create entry points to all the brands and reach potentially between 10 and 30 million brand fans. All stories are tagged and linked with keywords, subject and theme.

University Road show: University students are the most connected generation ever. Involving students in story-telling during guest lectures at universities worldwide will give a boost to the proliferation of the stories. Universities involved so far: Amsterdam, Berlin, Arnhem, Paris, Brussels, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Lagos, Seoul.


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