•Amid twists and turns on minimum wage


The leadership of the Nigeria Labour  Congress, NLC, is already perfecting plans to tackle any state government which reneges on the agreement to honour the letters of the National Minimum Wage Act, 2011.

This is coming at a time when feelers from some state governments suggest that there may be some form of difficulty in meeting the financial obligations tied to the Act.

Sunday Vanguard was reliably informed by one of the leaders of the NLC who participated in last week’s negotiations that “we already have information that some of the state governors are contemplating what we would not want to believe.

”We held talks and negotiated and reached an agreement.  We signed the agreement and it was accepted and acceptable to all concerned. And the nation was spared the agony and stress of a nationwide strike action.  But  what we are hearing now does not seem to be honorable”, the high level NLC source said.

Continuing, the source disclosed that “we in the NLC are already working out a plan of action to respond to any state government that refuses to honour the agreement that has been reached by  all concerned.

”Some states may renege on the agreement but we have a response strategy.
”What we’ll do is simply to isolate some states where we discover that they are planning to play pranks.

”Labour would mobilize massively and compel those states to honour the agreement.

”It would not be too difficult for us to handle such states because we would simply move with the full force of the labour movement to ensure that those states honour the agreement that we have all entered into”.

Asked whether labour can point at or name some states where there could be the possibility of dishonouring the agreement, the labour leader said it is not a matter “of naming any state; it is about waiting for any of the the governors who would make the first false move.  Then we would respond effectively.  We are ready to mobilise at the earliest disobedience to the agreement”.


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