By Ime Bassey

Chief Coach of Insurance of Benin, Rowland Ewere has state that there is no unity amongst Nigerian coaches.

The former El-Kanemi Warriors attacker made this known in interview with Sunday Vanguard Sports in Benin City stressing that referees has more unity than the gaffers.

He sounded a warning to club managers that coaches are not a use and dump tool, stressing that grid and poverty is behind coaches’ acceptance of job abruptly

“Coaches in Nigeria do not have the kind of unity their referee counterpart has. If you beat a referee in any state, all the referees in the country will react even in ordinary state league. This is not the same with coaches. If you sack a coach wrongly today, the next morning, another coach takes over.

“The coaches association is just busy with meetings here and here all to favour them selves. There is no unity that allows for open cry from them in cases of fellow coach being treated badly. I am not saying we should go on strike but let us make employers know we are not just a tool they can use and dump.

“It is even very bad that it has gotten to extend where a coach will win a promotion ticket for a team, but will be sacked before the commencement of the season and will not even be paid until he goes to the NFA, It is very painful and shameful.

“There is a need for a proper organization of things in the coaches association in that they should make it compulsory for all coaches to join a club by signing a contract. A copy must go to the coaches association in case of any eventuality.

“Coaching job in Nigeria is so bad that your successor will come a day before his resumption and asks you questions about your team. He will get all the information from you and the next day, he resumes and fried. I even saw this while I was a player too with different clubs in the country. The issue of disunity has gotten to the level that I can’t even call my friend and tell him about challenges in my team, because is either he will laugh at me or lobby to take my job,” Ewere said.

On what he thinks is the issue behind this menace, he said, “greediness and poverty is bane of it. It shows most time when a coach is asked at the point interview that if he can win the league, he will say despite knowing that he can’t even with miracle but because of poverty, how will say yes and accept the job,” Ewere added.


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