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Boko Haram would have garnered support if…..

By Ebele Orakpo

It seems these Boko Haram guys are gradually overwhelming the security agencies. Otherwise, I don’t see the reason it is taking them too long to dislodge them,” commented Isaac as he sighted the headline of a national daily.

“I think the soldiers are being careful so that innocent people will not be caught in the crossfire,” said Solomon.

“What irks me most is that they are fighting the wrong people. Why kill innocent people, people who are in the same shoes as you; people who are struggling to survive,” lamented Obi.

“Exactly! After all, politicians created them,” interjected Abe.

“And now that elections are over, naturally, since the government failed to settle the boys, they turned their energy and attention to something else. They have the arms,” asked Useni.

Continued Obi: “Now, if they had sense and know that the politicians have once again shortchanged them, any right thinking person will direct his anger at the source of his pains and not against a fellow sufferer.

They are acting out an Igbo proverb that says the chicken left the knife that slaughtered it and is bending its neck for the pot, ie misdirected anger. They are fighting a selfish battle that will benefit nobody but probably their sponsors.

Honestly, if they had been attacking only politicians who have failed to use the resources at their disposal to better the lot of the people but rather used the resources for their own selfish end, they would have gained support across all religious and ethnic groups.

They should find out how much the state and local governments get as allocation in a month and what they do with the money. Where they discover that the money had not been used for the benefit of the people e.g. to create employment and build infrastructure, they can go after such politicians and make them face the wrath of the deprived masses.

Boko Haram can smoke out those kinds of leaders with bombs and I assure you, people will support them because they are championing the cause of the masses.

That was why MEND got so much support both locally and internationally at the initial stage because they were fighting a just cause, something that was beneficial to the suffering masses.”

“True talk! I swear if this kind of thing happens in Nigeria, our leaders will be forced to serve the people or bear the consequences,” said Uche.

“I bet you, only a few people, those who are ready to serve, will contest elections. Those whose agenda, like Satan’s agenda is to steal, kill and destroy, will not venture into politics,” stated Tony.

“In Nigeria, we misunderstand the meaning of ministers and leaders. A minister is a servant, someone who takes care of others,” said Joe.

“That holds true in other climes but not in Nigeria. We have our own definition. Here, a minister or leader is a tin god whose word is law and he is above the law. He does whatever he pleases and is answerable to no one. That is why every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to rule Nigeria,” noted Solomon.

“It’s because we allow it as a people. Instead of facing the real enemy, we are busy killing and maiming ourselves and destroying the few infrastructure we have. It’s the height of foolishness! But I think the wise leaders will wake up to their responsibilities because there is a limit to what a man can endure. What, with militants, kidnappers, armed robbers, MEND, MASSOB, OPC, Boko Haram on the prowl,” noted Lois.

“Point of correction, we have kidnappers and adultnappers because they nap mostly adults now oo,” joked Mercy.

“And talking about robbers, they are not run-of-the-mill robbers but dare-devil robbers, armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons. Like Nkem Owoh (Osuofia) will say, they are not bend-down boutique robbers,” concluded Steve which caused so much laughter in the commuter bus.


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