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Beware of fake herbal drinks – ADJEI

Nigerian consumers have been warned to be mindful what they ingest so as to avoid the risk of taking in fake herbal products that could be harmful to their health.

Dr. Kwabena Adjei

Dr. Kwabena Adjei, who is Chairman and President of Kasapreko – a Ghana based manufacturers of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, noted during a media chat organised by Courier Master International, that the spate of ill health arising from ingestion of spurious health preparations being sold on the open market.

Adjei, who was in Nigeria for the first time warned in Lagos that it was necessary to get the right herbs in order to protect the body. “I heard that here the problem of imitation and faking is high just as it is in Ghana where people who drink some imitated products, got crippled, one went blind while others died.”

However, he assured that for nearly 20 years since its production, Alomo Bitters had not had any problem with safety and efficacy because it was carefully produced.

“Alomo Bitters is medicine with multi-purpose usage and addresses several health problems. Manufactured in Ghana over a decade ago, this product helps in management of malaria, menstrual and body pains,” he remarked.

The herbal preparation which he said was introduced into the Nigeria market two years ago as a personal creation adding: In the old days in Ghana our fathers used to chop roots and herbs, that they kept bottles of alcohol.

The first concentration was different from the second concentration in quality, taste and look. and that is to say you can not get the same concentration over and over. So at a point in time I saw reason for us to do it scientifically.

“Alomo bitters is a product produced by an African for Africans, I did not copy it from anyone, it is from our forest, there is nothing synthetic about it, it is organic. On quality, he said the company is in collaboration with a government institution in Ghana, affiliated to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“They give us our concentration, research into the concentration that we use into the blending of the product, to make sure the product is not harmful to the body.

To curb the problem of imitation in Nigeria, he stated that presently they are working with the National Agency for Drugs and Control (NAFDAC) as well as Ghana High Commission in the country to help withdraw the fake from circulation.


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