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Amiwero advocates return of Pre-shipment Inspection Scheme

By Godfrey Bivbere

President of the National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Service (NCMDLCA), Lucky Amiwero has advocated for the cancellation of the Destination Inspection (D/I) scheme and the re-introduction of the Pre-shipment inspection scheme.

The Pre-shipment scheme was jettison in the country for the D/I in 2005.

Speaking in an exclusive chat with Vanguard, Amiwero expalined that the D/I scheme has become out dated the world over, especially after the 11th September attacked of the World Trade Center (WTC) at the United States of America (USA).

He said most international community have reverted to Pre-shipment which means that all goods coming into any of the developed countries most first be inspected at the point where they are being shipped from.

He pointed out that after the 9/11 incident, a move for the introduction of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code which is aimed at providing protection for ships and ports facilities. He stressed that the need to know the content of all goods coming from abroad, made the developed nations to revert to Pre-shipment scheme.

To the end Amiwero continued, the USA now send out its Customs officers to ensure that all US bound goods either properly scanned or are inspected before they are shipped to America. To underscore his seriousness on the issue, the President of NCMDLCA wrote a letter to President Goodluck Jonathan, through his National Economic Adviser to urgently revert to Pre-shipment Inspection regime.

He said in the letter “We are very concerned about the present cargo inspection (Destination Inspection) regime which allows influx of unwholesome goods such as arms and ammunition, contraband and dangerous security items that exposes the nation to serious security treat, that is not in line with global best practice.”

It further noted that prior to 9/11, Customs authorities were responsible for the clearance of imported goods at destination but that the event of 9/11 precipitated a change in cargo inspection based on security and safety.

The Council stated in the letter that “Cargo security provision under the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) acknowledged the importence of the maritime sector to international trade, the IMO established new security measures following the event of 9/11 to ensure the safety of maritime ports and vessels.”


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