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Abandoned by Fiancé for another woman, would you end your life?

With Florence Amagiya

Motunrayo Ogbara was the name of the young lady who took her life because her Fiancé dumped her and married another woman. According to the report, her Fiancé discovered that she couldn’t have children because she had an accident as a young girl that destroyed her womb. So he married another woman who could give him children.

The only way Motunrayo Ogbara knew to overcome her problems was to commit suicide…

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Life’s too precious…

Kalu Ikeagwu, Actor

Kalu Ikeagwu

This is sad, but it happens every day. The best we should tell ourselves when we find ourselves in situations like this is to know that we are not the owners of our lives, God is. If we already know that fact, then committing suicide will be out of it.

We should also bear it in mind that we are not living for ourselves alone.

We have families and friends who would want to see daily and that life will not be complete for them if we do anything stupid. Life is beautiful and nothing is worth dying for.

 Nobody’s worth dying for

Kobi Bros, Actor

Kobi Bros

This is a sad tale, for a young woman to have taken her own life because she was dumped by her fiancé is indeed sad. It is a lesson to other women who think the best way out of a situation is suicide.

Know that life doesn’t end where you are standing. And that the feeling you are having will pass, just give it time. God we know works in mysterious ways and you don’t know why HE allowed that to happen.

You will be a better, stronger person if you are patient to know why this is happening, there are lessons you must learn and a better person you will be at the end. Nobody is worth dying for.

No way!

Chinwe Isaac, Actress

Chinwe Isaac

Committing suicide is not the way out, looking for solution is. If I am abandoned by my fiancé or even my husband I won’t take my life.

No man is worth that! The lady in this story has made a mistake by taking her life. So it is over for her.

For the young women alive, my advice is that paths like this should not be taken in future. We should all know that our lives are not ours but God’s.

God’s answer prayers and even if man has given up hope on us, God hasn’t. Nothing is worth dying for in this world and no man is.

Walk away!

Mary Ganaah, Actress

It is a pity to hear that a lady commits suicide because of a man. One thing we women should know is that, no man is worth dying for. A man can re-marry after the death of his wife.

But it takes time for a widow who wishes to re-marry to do so. In as much as we can’t live without men, it doesn’t mean we should lay down our lives for them. Recently, a friend of mine went into coma for 3 weeks because of a man.

This is a guy she has toiled with. They have been together through thick and thin times and he had the opportunity to travel abroad now that he has made enough money to take care of her, he told the girl to look elsewhere because he is getting married to a white lady.

He has not only killed her emotionally but has also wasted her time. Thank God she survived it. All I am trying to say is that, if your relationship is not working, take a walk.

And remember you are more precious to yourself than any other person. If you die because of a man, what will you tell your maker?

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