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4-year-old girl with liver cancer seeks N7m for treatment

By Ebele Onuorah

EXCEPT she urgently receives medical intervention, four-year-old Kaosisochukwu Chime may not live to celeberate her fifth birthday. The little girl is currently down with a rare type of cancer known as Angiosarcoma.

Medical experts describe the condition as a malignant, extremely intrusive cancer which grows very quickly. Her name which means “As it pleases God,” Little Kaosi as she is fondly called, is hoping and praying that it will please her God to let her live and fulfil her dreams of becoming a lawyer.

• Ailing Kaosisochukwu Chime .

But this is one wish that may not be granted if her parents failed to raise urgently the sum of N7 million required for her treatment in the Queens Hospital, Romford, in the United Kingdom.

As at today, night has turned to day to members of Chime’s family as nobody sleeps at night not necessarily because of the cost of the treatment but because little Kaosi cannot sleep following serious pain and itch as a result of her condition.

For Emeka Chime, Kaosi’s father, life is no longer worth living when a man can no longer cope with expenses to keep his beloved daughter alive.

It was obviously written all over Emekalast week when he walked into the premises of the Corporate Head Office of Vanguard Newspapers, accompanied by Kaosi and Dr. Nneka Nwobbi who is Executive Director, Children living with Cancer Foundation (CCF) – an NGO supporting the little girl’s cause.

Consultant Paediatrician, Dr. Edamisan Temiye, of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) had confirmed Kaosi was diagnosed with Angiosarcoma of the liver, a rare cancer and requires urgent treatment.

Total cost of the treatment is including travel expenses, feeding, surgery, drugs, and radiation treatment is put at N7 million.

A medical report from the hospital in the UK signed by a Consultant Pathologist, Prof. A.A.F Banjo, concluded that microscopy exmaination cconfirmed histological features of the disorder and also recommed her for urgent medical intervention abroad.

Kaosi is calling on good spirited Nigerians, corporate organisations, Enugu and Lagos State Governors to come to her aid.

Narrating his daughter’s ordeal Emeka said: “I feel so depressed seeing her everyday looking stressed and uncomfortable virtually all the time. When one has a baby whom he’s so much attached to and you see her, especially at night, finding it difficult to sleep, fiddling with things and waiting for sleep to come. Its such a bad feeling nobody wishes to experience.”

He said since the diagnosis, Kaosi has been restricted to mostly on fruits and vegetables. Emeka who hails from Udi in Enugu State recalled that it all started in December 2010 when they noticed that Kaosi emaciating, and with a swollen stomach. She also had body itches.

“Initially, we thought it was Hepatitis B. We took to self – medication until January this year when we decided to take her to FMC Ebute Meta, Lagos. We were later refered to Mecure Laboratories where further medical investigations and later to LUTH.

At LUTH, a liver biopsy, revealed nothing and at this point, doctors advised us to raise money for further investigation abroad. We did and after three weeks, we obtained the result that she was suffering from Angiosarcoma.

Unfortunately, this rare cancer cannot be treated here in Nigeria. Now we are left with the burden of having to raise N7.0 million for her to be well again.”

•If you are touched by Kaosi’s plight, please contact her father Emeka Chime on 0803823614, or Dr. Nneka Nwobbi on 08033156908 or send your donations to Children Living with Cancer Foundation. DIAMOND BANK ACCT NO: 0001180414.


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