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My fiancee is HIV positive, should I go on with the wedding?

With Florence Amagiya

Janet and I have being courting for almost nine months now. We dated for about two years before we started making plans for marriage. And in those two years and nine months, we made love like every other couple without protection. We started attending this marriage counseling class at my fiancée’s renowned church and we were told to know our HIV status, Janet did hers before I even thought of mine.

She came to my house crying just the other day, that she is HIV positive and l dropped all l was doing because l was truly shocked and scared. I have gone to run mine and the result says negative…

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Moses Efret, Actor

If my fiancée test positive to HIV, I will make sure l run my own test since we have being sleeping together unprotected.  If l test positive to HIV, then I will go on with the wedding but if l test negative, there’s nothing l or anybody can do about it. I will stay by her, but I will call off the wedding.

No way!……….

Vincent opurum, Actor

This is a strong dilemma i must say and i know that i am somebody with strong faith and it works.But we are talking about life here real life.

Not worth the stress…….

Uche Joan Iwuanyanwu, Actress

Wow! This is a very hard nut to crack. I personally would call off the wedding. I desire to live a peaceful, comfortable life and from the news I am getting from my fiancé, it won’t be possible if I get married to him. I do not want a life of running from pillar to post or from one hospital to another. And even if I decide to go on with the wedding, it won’t be like a normal marriage because we won’t be able to make-love like normal couples and I don’t think I can withstand that stress. What about my unborn my children? I don’t think I would take that risk of stressfulness instead of fruitfulness, of confusion instead of peace. I will walk away.

Love conquers all!
Kelly Josi Ede, Actress

A man l have been sleeping with and I am planning to marry has tested positive to HIV? I will be devastated because it will mean I am positive too, but incase l am not after running my own test, I will check if l am really in love with him before taking any decision. There is a reason why I didn’t test positive after two years and nine months of sleeping with him without protection. It means my immune system is rock- solid, so l can go on with the marriage, but l will protect my unborn children, continue to boost up my immune system and try to help my husband to weather the storm for me and my children. What can I do for love covers multitude of sin.


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