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More of her children for police

By Ikeddy ISIGUZO, Chairman Editorial Board

THIS cannot be the end of the story. Let us assume it is the beginning of another story. The police, in Owerri, have arrested Mrs. Precious Donatus Ogbonna, the woman, whose story of seven children in 11 months titillated the public.

They want her to explain the mystery. Why did the police arrest her? Was a crime committed? When did the police become aware of the crime?

Miracle babies and thier mother

Mrs. Ogbonna has questions to answers. Ordinary people like us have kept wondering how she wrought the wonder of bringing forth seven children in less than one year. The more answers she gives, the more she arouses our curiosity. Does she do it deliberately? Is it an act related to being a mother in her unique circumstances?

She is a smart woman, no pun intended. It takes sheer genius to come up with her miracle story and further wizardry to sustain the scheme. She runs rounds in circles to answer questions. Whether the answers meet the expectations of the one asking or are related to the posers appear the least of her concerns.

Her involvement of the Almighty was possibly meant to take the matter beyond human intrusion. Who will question the ways of the Almighty? Suppose she tells the police, the Almighty has instructed her not to talk? Can the police force God to testify in the investigations?

The involvement of the police abridges the opportunities to fully explore this matter. Will the police let the public into what it is doing with the woman?

How will this case be different from other mysteries the police failed to unravel? Will the police intervention  mark an abrupt end to an enthralling story?

Doubts abound about the capacity of the police to find out what Mrs. Ogbonna was doing with those children. Will the police have the will to get to the end of the matter?

Their pedigree gives room for concern. In February 1999, the police made headlines with the arrest of a supposed man-eater Clifford Orji. To date, nothing has been made of Clifford. The evidences that he was eating human flesh while selling some to his clients did not lead anywhere.

Nobody knows his victims. The records (including telephone numbers, an indication of the profile of his clients – telephones were for the rich then) must have disappeared. Nobody is sure Clifford has not regained his freedom and continued his professional practice in more profitable places, protected from the police.

Police have to narrow the investigation down to the woman before it turns into a domestic dispute between husband and wife. The paternity of the children is a distraction. The major dispute is the maternity, which Mrs. Ogbonna claims. If her husband says the children are not his, does it mean they are not hers? She is insistent, persistent, and truculent about her claims to motherhood in this extraordinary manner.

How did she come by these children? Does she have surrogate mothers, a practice people derogatorily dub baby factory? Were the children stolen? Whose children are? How was she able to come by them?

Only Mrs. Ogbonna can answer these – the Almighty has given her enough capacity to do so. A simple medical test can also reveal if she had children when and how many.

Public interest in the story should tilt towards the welfare of the children. A motherless babies’ home, no matter how wealthy, can wilt under the weight of seven young voracious mouths.

The police should watch out – the woman promised to deliver more children. If she is with the police a little longer, it may just happen in the full glare of the police. Then, we may have more children for the police and a woman who still has more questions to answer and possibly more children to bear.
I know my daughter, those are her children – 75yr old father
Police go tough on mother of ‘miracle babies’

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