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Would you call-off your wedding if you caught your fiancé cheating on your wedding’s eve?

I was at the verge of saying ‘I do’ to my college sweet heart in church last year, but I called it off because on my wedding’s eve I caught my best friend in bed with my fiancé.

I met Emeka through Esther while we were still in the University. Esther lived in the same compound as Emeka, so it was not difficult for I and Emeka to get to know each other. Emeka finally asked me out and I opened up to Esther, since I met him through her. She said it was okay to date him because she couldn’t have dated a guy living in the same compound as her. My relationship with Emeka started on that platform. He was my best friend’s neighbor, my friend and also my boy friend.

It was wonderful and l cherished all those times we spent together, I mean Esther, I and Emeka. Along the line, Esther met Chuks, Emeka’s course mate. And we became a team of four. Four of us were the toast of the campus and it became quiet when Emeka and Chuks graduated and went for service. I and Esther held on together while still seeing our men in their respective places of service. We also graduated and went into the real world.

Esther and Chuks relationship fell apart along the way, so I and Emeka continued. She bluntly refused to date anybody since Chuks and I have been worried. I had gone out of my way to arrange nice men in my office for her to meet, but she refused to date any of them.

So my marriage plans came on board and so we had so much to plan for. Esther was able to visit Emeka at home because of my church’s doctrine, ‘You cannot sleep at your proposed place until the wedding night’ and since she was my chief bride’s maid, she became a go- between. Although I make out time to see Emeka, but l was always with Esther.

On that fateful evening, I wanted to see Emeka because there was a change in plan and Esther was nowhere to be found. Not even her phone was going through. Emeka on the other hand had told me, he would be home, but will be taking a nap. When I couldn’t get through to Esther I decided to go on my own. I got to Emeka’s house and heard voices coming from the bedroom. I had a key to his house, so I let myself in and went straight to the bedroom. I found Esther on top of my Fiancé; you can imagine the rest…

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No way, but

Vivian Onukwufor,Legal Personality

Wow! What will I do? Even in marriage most men cheat on their wives talk less of the eve of the wedding! Of course, I won’t call off the wedding, but I will cut off the friendship between the girl and I. You know life has taught me a lot of things. So I will just overlook it. Focus on my career, won’t talk to him about it again after the wedding. I mean it’s a man’s world, but if he shows some signs of being remorse. I won’t call it off, but if he isn’t remorseful, I will go on and marry him just for the sake of marriage. . But it get as that marriage go be, because na to your tent oh !

Forget that friend…
Ejiro Okurame, Actress

I won’t call off my wedding.   Rather I will call off my friendship with my enemy in the form of my best friend. I believe she was exposed by the Almighty God by this act. What if I hadn’t seen them together, only for it to have continued in my marital home?  My Supposed friend would have resisted whatever temptation that came her way from my husband to be. That also includes my fiancé, but men will be men and I rather forgive my husband than my best friend.

Call it off

Joan Agabi, Actress

My best friend and fiancé together? Then the marriage will be called off! I certainly won’t be able to trust them both after that. I will imagine all sorts of things and I will be too heart broken and upset to think of a wedding. T hat is sheer wickedness from both of them to say the least.

I cannot

Paul Igwe, TV Personality

Ha! This is a tough one but looking at how far I have gone in the planning of the marriage, I will go on with it. You see the moment a man pays a woman’s bride price, heaven seals it, she becomes the man’s wife till death do them part. No matter what evil she commits, you have no choice but to forgive and live with her as your wife. The only thing is that indeed I will go through emotional stress. She would have lost trust and possibly a greater percent of love from me, but with time God will surely give me the grace to sincerely forgive and love her again.

I won’t, but…

Uche Joan Iwuanyanwu, Actress

I would not call off the wedding because of the love I have for my husband, I will see it as a plan of the devil to stop my breakthrough. As for my friend, I won’t talk to her again.

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