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Just like a garden, a wardrobe needs constant tending. Therefore, it would be unfair to leave your wardrobe behind as you move on in life. However, no matter how nonchalant you choose to be about your wardrobe this season, certain items should never be lacking! Though somewhat common, these wardrobe essentials will keep your style trendy at all times!

Formal wear


Even if you’ll be needing it for just a “once a year” occasion, every man needs at least one well-tailored suit in his wardrobe. However, if you really need just one, it would be shrewd to opt for a classic black or gray single-breasted suit. You need only one suit, buy a classic black or gray single-breasted suit.

•A dress-shirt

A blue and/or white dress-shirt is a piece that will never go out of style, especially as it is a must-have for suits and even pants for formal occasions.

•A bright tie

Going to the office doesn’t have to be boring! A bright tie will complement and add some colour to your business suit. You actually should have a variety of this.

•Black shoes, black belt

Mismatching the colour of your belt with that of your shoes is one of the biggest fashion blunder any man could ever make. Having a pair of classic black shoes and a black belt is an essential for every man because it will bail you out for any occasion.

Casual wear


They look good when they’re brand new and even when somewhat worn out. Blue jeans in particular are versatile and comfortable, and they pull off easily with sneakers, sandals, loafers or dressy shoes. Jeans are forever trendy and can be worn with either a tee, dress shirt, or Ankara. These makes them forever inevitable.

•White t-shirt

The white t-shirt and blue jeans ensemble is a totally simple look that gives you a feeling of greatness and comfort altogether.


Wearing nice-looking sneakers with jeans or any other type of sporty pants looks amazing, and is extremely comfortable. Make it a must to buy at least one pair of new sneakers a year.

•Fedora hat

Having a cute fedora on will protect you from the intense day-time sunrays, and give you an embellished look. Paying for one shouldn’t hurt because fedoras suit all outfits; casual, formal and traditional.

For Accessories

•Leather wallet

A leather wallet is a must-have; it looks great in both formal and casual occasions. A black or brown leather wallet in particular is a classic that will never go out of style.


A wrist-watch is the only piece of jewelry

any man really needs. It has a distinct ability to speak about your personality and fashion sense.

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