May 8, 2011

Vlisco launches ‘Dazzling Graphics’: Colourful Black & White

The Vlisco design team made a brazen graphic statement of outspoken patterns in designing the new ‘Dazzling Graphics’ fabric collection. An abundance of striking shapes served as the source of inspiration for creating bold graphics that tease the eye and mind, setting a psychedelic mood.

Each design bedazzles the mind, leaving you astonished by graphics that seem to come alive when watching them closely. In-focus outlines and an edgy sharpness produce a trompe I’oeil movement effect, accentuating the geometric twist.

Colourful futuristic scene

Vibrant patterns generate three-dimensional perceptions that play with your mind. Dazzling curves combine with psychedelic circles and an abundance of block shapes, together transforming into new shapes. The various colour schemes seem to change the same design into an entirely new pattern. The powerful colours that dominate the colour palette further emphasize the interplay of black and white, creating a shock in design. The overwhelming effect of the vivid colours used is enhanced by the combination of VUsco’s new uni-coloured fabrics.

New inspiration in bold uni colours

The colours of the uni-coloured fabric have been specially selected to seamlessly match the ‘Dazzling Graphics’ fabric collection. The primary blue and yellow hues are complemented by stunning pink and green. The unis are launched simultaneously with the new collection designs in order to offer inspiration and numerous possibilities for creating a dazzling outfit.

Graphic fashion

Vlisco’s desire to explore uncharted territory is also reflected in the Vlisco fashion & accessories collection. The latest luxury editions feature a new laser-cut technique applied on a distinctive ‘Dazzling Graphics’ design. A striking stitched figure transforms the lace into a graphic luxury edition and a singular design is detailed with sequins to add a touch of glamour. These luxury editions are unique and specially created to perfectly complement the ‘Dazzling Graphics’ designs. To put the perfect finishing touch on your outfit in sync with ‘Dazzling Graphics’, Vlisco is launching new Haute Maroquinerie items, including black leather shoes and bags reworked with the laser-cut technique and finished off with uni-coloured suede.

Dive into the world of Vlisco and experience the designs of the ‘Dazzling Graphics’ fashion & accessories collection. Vlisco Fashion offers a head-to-toe range, designed for those looking to be inspired and who crave quality as well as style. The collection offers an extensive range of sharp silhouettes and dazzling accessories, aimed at inspiring and surprising true fashion addicts. The Vlisco fashion & accessories collection will be available in Vlisco Boutiques from May.