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Finding time to eat is a major problem to me

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By Ebun Babalola

Ademola Adedeji is a Senior partner, Right Source Consulting. A tax expert, he runs a foremost tax and auditing firm in Lagos. He is our guest on this edition of Celebrity Tummy Talk. Enjoy it

What is your best food?

I like good food but my best food is yam, pepper sauce and egg. It gives me much energy to work harder.

If not yam and egg, what else would you like to eat?

I like roasted plantain, boli and groundnut. I take a lot of water as well as tea .

Do you know how to cook?

Yes, to some extent, I used to cook tasty food way back in my school days. But today I’m not really that good again because I hardly have time to eat let alone entry the kitchen.

How do you manage to keep your body in shape?

My best sport is football. But I stopped playing football when I was involved in an accident along Owo road, where I lost one of my legs. It happened during my final in the university. After that incident, I decided to take to playing table tennis. I am a member of Ikoyi and Ikeja country club.

When I’m not working, I find time to watch both local and international matches. Anyone who is interested in football should be ready to watch all matches. I am a Manchester United fan. I became a fan of Man U due to the club’s never say die spirit on the pitch. And this is my own attitude to life as well. I believe in their philosophy. They do not give up, neither do I.

What kind of drink do you take?

I drink wine moderately.

If you were not a Chartered Accountant, what profession would you have loved to pursue?

I would have studied law and become a legal practitioner.

Tummy Nutritional Values


Do you know that eating garlic can have positive effect on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels?

Regular consumption of garlic may also help to prevent atherosclerosis (thickening of the artery walls which may lead to stroke).

Regular consumption of garlic helps with the relaxation and enlargement of the blood vessels which can help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation.

It provides protection from free radical damage and also plays a part in thyroid gland health.

Garlic is an excellent source of manganese, so it helps the body to synthesize fatty acids and cholesterol, helps with blood sugar levels and plays a part in thyroid gland health. It also promotes nerve health and protects the bodies’ cells from free radical damage.

It also provides plenty of vitamin B6 which supports the nervous system and promotes the breakdown of sugars and starches. Helps to prevent homocysteine build up in the blood.

Garlic contain niacin (vitamin B3) which helps to lower cholesterol levels and stabilises the blood sugar. B3 also helps the body to process fats.

Garlic also contains vitamin B5 which helps to turn carbohydrates and fats into energy and plays a part in the health of the adrenal glands.

It’s a good source of calcium which promotes healthy and strong bones and also helps the nerves and muscles to function properly.

Tummy Health Tips Big Fellows

If you are on the big size, you don’t need to panic because you can keep your health fit in a daily basis. In the morning, you can take some free-radicals, anti-oxidants and water. Take enough fruit in the afternoon, after which you can eat any strong food because your body metabolism needs food. In the night, around 7 p.m, you can go on fruits. Take multi-vitamin supplement because that is what the body requires to help the enzymes and the body system to work effectively.

Make sure that eat one solid meal everyday. Eat fruits twice daily and take enough water and go on vitamins, it makes you look healthy and strong.

Do some aerobics at the weekend. Most times, do sit-up and other exercise.

Weekend Treat

Roasted Plantain and Pepper Sauce

This is a summer weekend delight. You can roast or barbecue both ripe and unripe plantain. If you have a sweet tooth, you definitely want to go for the roasted ripe plantain. Add some fish (preferably mackerel) in the barbecue and you will be wondering what you have been doing by not trying this Nigerian yummy recipe before now.


Ripe / Unripe Plantain

Fish – Preferably Mackerel

Palm oil


Hot Chilli Pepper

Salt (to taste)


Prepare the pepper sauce to go with the roasted plantain and set aside.

Wash and peel the unripe / ripe plantains to be roasted.

Wash the fish, remove the stomach and spread moderate salt on them.

Set up your barbecue on medium heat as the plantain needs to be roasted slowly.

When the barbecue is heated, place the peeled plantains and fish on the barbecue grids and start roasting. Remember to turn the sides from time to time for an even roast.

When the plantain is perfectly roasted, place the pepper sauce on the grid to heat it up.

The roasted plantain is ready to be served. Dip the roasted plantains in the pepper sauce to eat.

Wash it down with a chilled drink.

Then go and take a nap because that’s the only thing you want to do after this meal.

Note: Plantain can also be roasted in an oven. Place the peeled plantains on the grill rack and place the rack as close to the grill as possible. Cover the oven and set to grill. The heat should be between 150°C and 200°C as the plantains need to be roasted slowly. Check from time to time and turn the plantains on the other side to ensure an even roast.

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