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BetOnmarkets expands online trading options

BetOnMarkets, a fixed odds financial trading service provider said it is extending its fixed odds trading to more Nigerians, as a result of the growing demand for access to financial markets.

Lola Egboh, BetOnMarkets, West Africa Manager, who spoke on the company’s plans, said Fixed odds trading with BetOnMarkets is an opportunity that the company feels will appeal to the Nigerian market, while she stated that the last few years have seen a growing interest in the financial markets, particularly from emerging economies.

She went on to say that large financial institutions and brokerages have been slow to respond to this demand. “They put up barriers that beginner traders find difficult to overcome. Fixed odds trades, in contrast, are easy to place and understand. We are expanding our presence in the Nigerian market because our clients demand it. They want access to global markets. They also want the flexibility to choose. We give them access to forex, stocks, indices and commodities. We let customers easily open an account and start trading. They can trade with amounts they’re comfortable with, on whatever market interests them,” she said.

Pointing out benefits of the BetOnMarkets service, she said, beginner traders in emerging economies face a few barriers. Examples are, high minimum account balances and trades, and complicated application processes.

With BetOnMarkets, she said that starting out is simple, because clients can fund accounts with as low as $10. “Trades can also be purchased with as low an amount as $1, while stressing that it only takes a minute to place a trade.

Egboh went on to say that traders do not need to own physical asset. All traders need do is predict its price movement. If their prediction is right, they profit. Traders want the chance to participate in the gains from the financial markets.

They, however, don’t want the complications that come with full-time trading. Fixed odds trading is ideal for such people.

BetOnMarkets provides a platform for trades that last from 30 seconds up to 360 days. This way, traders can easily position themselves to play short or long term strategies.


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