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Why Gulder will continue to engage consumers — NB

By Princewill Ekwujuru

Everyday pages of newspapers, billboards, radio and television stations are awash with winners in various promos. Viewers and those who had participated and never won a prize tend to agree that promos are gimmicks employed by promoters to reap-off consumers or to grow their market share.

But these arguments are no longer attractive, because, promos these days are monitored by regulating and controlling agencies, established by Federal and State governments to authenticate lottery and promotion games in the country.

Gone are those days when promos are considered a reap-off, promos have become transparent now that organisers have to protect their integrity and business, if not, they may be toiling with their  customer base.

For these reasons, companies no longer renege on their promises, but rather, have to use every medium available to expose their activities.

As some brands use other means like price discount, the buy one get one free buzz, sponsorship of cultural festivals, football, seminars and other marketing activities to connect to prospective and  discerning consumers, Gulder, the ultimate from the stable of Nigerian Breweries (NB) is not left out in the marketing game.

That was why it commenced the on-going National Consumer Promotion (NCP), where participates are expected to winner various prizes ranging from cars to cash prizes, airtime, free drinks, pen (plastic) etc.

The first set of winners, to be precise, April 8, 2011 were selected via an electronic raffle draw which took place at the Pekas Hotel and Bar, Ikeja, Lagos.

Following this, April 13th the winners were officially handed their prizes, three star prize winners received  a brand-new Honda Accord car, cash prizes of N400,000, N250,000, N150,000 and N100,000  respectively.

Accordingly, the company said the  second draw of the promo is scheduled to come up at Bodija, Ibadan on April 14, 2011. The promo is scheduled to end on May 31, 2011.

However, the rationale behind the promo  was what Mr. Jacco Ver der Linden, Marketing Director, NB captured in his statement, when he said, “this is a special promotion conceived to reward the Nigerian consumers for their years of patronage.” Continuing, he said, “today we gather to honour the first set of  winners.”

At the prize presentation ceremony at the NB bar, Iganmu, the Marketing Director, when asked what informed the programme, he said, “millions of Nigerians are drinking Gulder everyday, and the brand wanted to reward predominantly its loyal consumers , what better way is to give every consumer a chance to win big cash prizes and cars. So its rewarding loyalty and its stimulating  consumers of the brand to have a try of the product and also the chance of winning a car and cash prizes.

On whether promo is the only to reward consumers, he said, “there are many ways of rewarding consumers, but on setting up the promo, we carried out a research to determine what  kind of reward consumers would prefer to get from the Gulder brand, top on the respondents reply were cash and car rewards. So,  we are basically giving what the consumers want, he said.


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