Compiled by Florence Amagiya

I was watching a program on T.V just the other day when a Governor of one of the South South states came on air and advertised his

Sign of lying

achievements as Governor. To think that he had really done all these was thrilling to the mind. “He has given jobs to the whole graduates from the State; he has made education free for all, healthcare and childcare has also become free. In fact, he has taken out street children and so on. By the time my analytical mind applied the Nigerian mathematics to the issue and made a few calls to my friends in that State, I concluded that the governor has been caught in the trap of generalization, so, he should be forgiven or that he is lying. First, l had to take away the fact that this is an election period and to retain the seat of power politically, he had to fight with all he has. And since you cannot give what you do not have, lying came to play.

At other times, you listen to conversations in commercial buses and hear something like ‘I am in Abuja’ whereas the person is in Lagos with you. Just to get a contract, you hear people claiming what they actually cannot do. It is so amazing that we are so in tuned with this way of life that changing becomes impossible. We tell lies when it is not even necessary! For instance: a lady bought a fantastic dress for N2,000 and she was asked by her friends and she claimed she got it for N20,000. What’s that?

I have come to know it’s an ego thing, lying! And the more you tell lies, the more you look for new lies to cover the former. Some of us even tell lies to belong to a certain class as in ‘I belong syndrome’. Don’t get me wrong, belonging to a class has nothing to do with telling a lie or fighting for it. ‘A good wine doesn’t need advertisement’, so we can be proud of our humble beginning because we did not choose it in the first place. You cannot choose the family you are born into, but you can decide where you will go from there.


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