THE role being played by Nigerians involved in the downstream sector of the country’s economy towards national growth is unquantifiable.

In fact, they have succeeded, to a large extent, in filling the yawning gap in the area of distribution, supplies of automated gas oil, diesel gas oil etc; to designated areas within the geographical land marks of Nigeria and this attests to the increasing demand for their invaluable services by Nigerians.

One of such Nigerians is the Chief Executive Officer of F and B Global Oil and Gas Nig. Limited, Chief Fabian Obi.  He is also the President-General of Association of Petroleum Products Distributors of Nigeria (AOPPD).  He spoke on various issues concerning oil and gas industry in Nigeria and the problems they face.

“My area of business is mostly in power and energy products.  My company, M/SF and B Global Investment has business structure and professional expertise in Nigeria with vast interest in down stream sector of petroleum industry under independent marketing.

We procure and store petroleum products and we have special interest in haulage and distribution/supplies of automated gas oil (Ago), diesel gas oil, to any designated area within the geographical land mark of Nigeria.  We are also into power and energy products like transformers, transformer oil, solar plants and generators.  Another of my company, C.K.G. (Nig.) Ltd deals also on security equipments.

To a large extent, my business operations have contributed immensely in many areas of our national growth.  In the area of communication which is an inevitable logistics for economic growth and security including social/public peace and order, through outreach contacts, we have been doing our best.

It may interest you to know that all the network cell sites of the G.S.M. companies are datably operated by generators and electric transformers.  In view of this, we ensure that the cell phones/GSM are continuously in service for which we undertake network site maintenance and supplies of diesel to various and respective sites of the communication giants like Starcomms, Zain, Globacom, MTN etc.

In the area of national health, it is obviously certain that health is wealth.  In view of this, we undertake supplies of diesel oil (ago) to hospitals like Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Eko Hospital, National Sickel Cell Center and many others.

In this way, we directly or indirectly contribute in health maintenance and delivery care in Nigeria, thereby propelling the wheel of progress in health and wealth of Nigerians.

Talking about transportation, we contribute in the comfortable movement of Nigerians and goods by adequately supplying the needed diesel gas oil to the operators of transport industries like BRT, haulage companies etc.

We have over 136 staff strength who are duly paid their wages as and when due and by this, we are contributing in the reduction of the population of jobless citizens in the country’s labour and employment market.

By this, we are humbly touching lives and contributing immensely to the economic growth of the nation.  Our philosophy is that of any investor who understands the rough phase of investment and it’s multiplier effect through targeted event management.

There are however, many factors that are militating against the growth of our business just like in any other robust business ventures.  The most important thing is the willingness and ability to face challenges posed by such factors.

For instance, at the initial stage, it was difficult for tanker trucks carrying diesel products to reach its destination without being harassed, intimidated and some times, arrested and huge sums of money extorted from them.

Such action affected our operations and in counter reaction, affected most cell sites.  As a result, most service providers broke down and Nigerians suffered erratic communication problems due to no service provision caused by sudden shut-down of the powering generator sets, which the police obstruction denied fuel supply.

However, this situation changed during the era of Mr. Azubuko Udah as the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in charge of Zone 11, Lagos.  His men sanitized   the situation and our usual operation was restored.

Also, the emergence of one Superior Police Officer, Femi as the head of Inspector-General of Police monitoring team helped in no small way in reducing the difficulty and embarrassing situation.  As at now, the fear of the new no-nonsense Inspector-General of Police, Hafiz Ringim is the beginning of wisdom for the police officers who now discharge their duties accordingly instead of taken over the job of the DPR.

To this end, I thank the present police boss, Mr. Ringim and his DIG ‘A’, Azubuko Udah, for restoring sanity amongst members of the force that were becoming overzealous over this issue.  In the same vein, it should be noted that the current banking policy is also militating against the smooth operation of our business.  Nevertheless, we are marching on.

The future of Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria is very bright.  It is an essential product for power, energy and raw materials, hence, the rapid growth of technology in Nigeria will depend on the resourcefulness and management of oil and gas for a brighter future in the next decade.

The global recession has become unavoidable monster attacking every business economy.

That notwithstanding, I and my team have treated that monstrous recession without regards.  Hence we have been able to rely on the principles of willingness, readiness and ability to use what is available to osmotically adopt alternative resolution which has become a part of our business secret and success.

I must however note with happiness that government programme in this area is very positive and will soon yield positive and commensurate dividends.  However, thy still have a lot more to do”.

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