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Kookeens out to promote healthy eating


For what it calls eating healthy, Kookeens a newly scintillating restaurant has come to stay. The restaurant was formerly opened on Easter Monday at Dutchworks Fuel station, by Bluerest Mall, Lekki, Lagos.

Vivian Ejirika

According to the Executive Director, Human Capital Kookeens Arena Global Limited, Miss Vivian Ejirika, sksookeens offers local, continental foods, snacks and healthy choices to make a different in your daily menu.

Her words: “The idea behind Kookeens is the fact that, there is no good and quality eatery around that can meet the demands of people living in that area.

“We are not just coming out to make pastries or cooking food, but to emphasis on healthy eating. We have the kind of oil suitable for it and we make sure that we don’t use anything that is not health compliant.

“The outlet is also targeted towards ensuring that children don’t take too much of sugar and those who are health conscious will definitely get what they want. “So, we try as much as possible to work according to cardiovascular specifics so that an individual will not take too much of calories which is determined by the oils use in kookeens.

“Our target is to cash the children young and to show them how to eat healthy. We want to ensure that both children and adult look healthy. Accordingly, there will be a seminar on healthy eating at the outlet once in a month for the children and adult inclusive. We are also into home delivery.

According to her, “We are here to give back to the society that is why we are advocating eating healthy and we will make sure that we get it righ”.

Speaking on the atmospheric condition of the place she said, she said, kookeens is a relax environment set to provide a homely touch on its customers. “People must be able to eat in kookeens just the same way they want to eat in their homes.

Drinks available in kookeens include smoothies, fresh juice, undiluted water melon juice, assorted soft drinks and alcoholic drinks and any fruits in season to be served as compliment. There is also pop corn prepared with both salt and sugar.

We have banga, ukodo, unripe plantain made with pepper soup sauce and dry fish, unripe plantain pottage, unripe plantain flour, ofada rice, lower in carbohydrate, nkwobi, abacha, ukwa, ugba, edikan-ikong, bitter leaf, egusi, ogbono ofe-nsala, eba, pounded yam, nni-oka. For the continental, there is basmatic rice, potato chips, fried rice, salads, cole slaw, vegetable drp shrimps and tomatoes sauce, shredded beef/chicken in green pepper sauce, egg and sardin/corn beef sauce and garden egg sauce, roasted chicken, pepper chicken, pepper sail, grilled fish, fresh fish, assorted meat, cow leg/tail. Pastries, there is meat pie, chicken pie, sausage roll, toasted bread, sandwiches (wheat bread). which is low in sugar level.


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