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Jega: Not as ‘jaga jaga’ as we thought!

By Florence Amagiya

Last week on National Assembly elections, Jega proved that he can be trusted by Nigerians and to all who prayed for a successful election. It is worthy now to say he is a man of his words and not a liar like many have thought and feared. Nigeria has not had a credible election since 1993 and overcoming this negative legacy in the National Assembly election remains a significant milestone in its history.

The elections’ challenge was manifested three Saturdays ago when Nigeria’s independent electoral body, INEC, intervened a few hours into the polling to postpone the first round of voting for the election. The postponement was said to be due to a variety of logistical problems, notably, the failure to deliver voting materials to numerous polling stations across the country. Nigerians shared the disappointment of INEC that this important electoral event had to be postponed and we renewed our calls for credible and transparent elections in this critically important African country. We also prayed that the election as promised on the said day, which was on Monday of the following week would hold but that was not to be. Nigerians on the other hand were worried sick about Jega.

As many of us know, the elections in 2007 were flawed and also reflected that Nigerians might not have the ability and capacity of organizing and running successful elections. This was also a major embarrassment to many Nigerians in Diaspora. Rigging and theft of ballot boxes took place in full view of the public. Violence was rampant, and actual voting did not even occur in many places. The results announced by the electoral commission had no basis in reality. Today, it could be concluded that the National Assembly election held last week Saturday was fair. We are grateful to God for the peaceful way it was conducted and we also can say thanks to Jega for not being as ‘jaga jaga’ as many thought. We also pray for God’s enablement to go through this election period without many casualties.


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