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Direct marketing swallowing conventional marketing – IDMN Registrar

In recent time, the marketing profession is shifting to a new ground,  Dr. Fidelis Nwankwo, Registrar, Institute of Direct Marketing of Nigeria (IDMN), spoke on the happenings in the direct marketing arena with Princewill Ekwujuru. Excerpt.

Dr. Fidelis Nwankwo

What do you think is new in the Direct Marketing field now?

We can say that what is new in direct marketing within the Nigerian and the International contest, is that within the International contest, what is new in direct marketing is the fact that by the day, marketing itself is transforming towards direct marketing, what we use to know as conventional marketing, like what NIMN is doing now.

Overseas, everything is now gravitating towards direct marketing, marketing is now going direct, I am saying so authoritatively, that if you go to places like the American Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), because, globally,  as far as mass marketing is concerned, when I say mass marketing, we are direct marketing people, and sometimes if you want to  play strategically, you can divide marketing into two; these are mass marketing and direct marketing.

So  we are saying that direct marketing now is the area where other marketing are gravitating to, so if you go the ADMA, which I am a member, our recent journal has shown that the ADMA that is the main stream mass marketing body, you will find out that their current attention is going towards direct marketing, for example, they are paying more attention on things like Cyber marketing, data base marketing, they  are paying more attention to customer relationship marketing, these are core direct marketing fields, and if you look at the social media, these are core direct marketing  platform that are ruling the world now,

So, what is new?, it’s not really as if it is that  new, but the fact is that by the day the impact of direct marketing is consuming.  It’s just like a situation where a snake swallowing another snake. So you find that by the day, there is less and less mass marketing, because direct Marketing is swallowing mass marketing.  What we in direct marketing is saying is  that  mass marketing is going direct.  It’s a good question you asked, for those who don’t know, because that is what is  happening.

That is what is new.  And another thing that is fueling  direct marketing,  is that direct marketing is  technology driven,  you can see that technology is playing greater influence on  the development within the  marketing area.

In fact, Cyber marketing is direct marketing, a lot of people may not know that, it is a hard core direct marketing platform. Cyber marketing is playing deep in the marketing arena. In fact, Cyber marketing is the future of marketing. So, the impact of Cyber marketing is reducing the importance of mass marketing.

Let’s come to Nigeria now, you will see that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is asking people to update their data within the banking industry, if you go again, the election, the Direct Data Capturing machine (DDC) is capturing peoples data, it is now capturing the peoples finger prints and marching it with their faces o its not an issue of it is just happening you cannot catch the persons faces, the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC), asked people to register their SIM cards, they are taking data of persons.

The more we see these things, we laugh, we laugh, because, we know that the arena for direct marketing to swallow the Nigeria  market is being created.

The platform is being effected.  With this data, you will see that  Nigeria is now ripe for direct marketing revolution, because direct marketing is going to hold sway. You will find out that  direct marketing is data driven, and those data  is highly needed for direct marketing to thrive.


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