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Caught my wife in bed with another woman, should I overlook?

With  Florence  Amagiya

What have I done to deserve this kind of behaviour? Is Mary, my wife possessed? Don’t I satisfy her in bed the way a husband should? Why didn’t she tell me she is not happy or is it about her past? How could a woman derive pleasure out of sleeping with another woman? These were the thoughts running through my mind as I lay down in my hotel room that evening.

Mary and I have been married for more than Ten years. To me, we were very close and shared everything. I knew the guy she dated before she met me. I was even told about her stunts in school and most times, I teased her about them, but I had no clue that Mary my wife is a lesbian or would you call her bisexual?

It was on that fateful day; I had left the house to travel with my car, but had to come home unannounced because the vehicle had broken down on the way. I entered my house and everywhere was unusually quiet. So, I sauntered to surprise my wife obviously in our bedroom with the music blaring. I was transfixed by the sight of my wife in bed with another woman… making love.

Our Stars have this to say

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No Way!

Rykardo Agbor, Actor

It is an abomination in the sight of God and in my eyes. In as much as she won’t like it if I with a guy in bed, l also won’t take it from her and I cannot forgive that. She has not only proven that l am nothing to her, but that I cannot satisfied her and that will kill the ego in me as a man. I will have nothing to do with such a woman again.

Show you are…

Ifeanyi Ekwem, Director

I will be disappointed at her for not letting me into her secret as to handle it together. Stumbling into this truth without been prepared for it will make me feel so unhappy and might kill the man in me. But as we were getting set for marriage, we learnt it is a better and for worse situation. So, if she willing to change and go for counseling, then l will forgive and take her back.

Forgive, but

Obicrox, Artiste

I will forgive my wife if l meet her in this kind of situation, but I won’t marry her any more. I won’t because she has killed the man and ego in me by doing what I caught her doing. If l do not leave her, l won’t be able to forget what she did and it will affect our relationship. So the best is to walk away.

Straight to deliverance

Francis Odega, Actor
I will straight away call on my pastor and conduct deliverance on her because this is a clear case of demonic possession and only God can save her. As for forgiven her, l will because l love her.

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